10 Tips for Getting Quick Responses to Your Cold Emails (with Templates)

10 Tips for Getting Quick Responses to Your Cold Emails (with Templates)

Effective communication and networking with business individuals is a crucial marketing strategy. Emailing is a great way to achieve this. Marketing experts consider it one of the most efficient ways to communicate with people, especially in the marketing industry. 

In most cases, this cold email strategy successfully gets the job done by connecting with people. So, when it cannot convert the prospects and does not get responses, it can be upsetting as well as challenging.

It is essential to overcome the challenges by applying tips and tricks to increase the success rate of cold emailing. We are going to discuss a few things to help you understand the strategy better. Let’s define cold emailing and then discuss how to write cold emails that work.

What are Cold Emails?

what is a _____?

Connecting with potential clients and establishing communication is critical for growing trustworthiness and client base. A “cold email” is one that you send to a prospective client who is completely unaware of you. It is considered appropriate to use the term “cold email” if you email someone whom you have not met yet from a publicly accessible email address.

Even though cold emails are important for increasing business volume, they do not always serve commercial interests. Many situations require cold emailing, including:

  • If you want to convert a potential lead found on LinkedIn into your customer,
  • When you want to focus on a specific company,
  • If you want an internet influencer or a popular figure to review your business product, email marketing strategies are mandatory to apply. If you want a sponsored post from them, cold emails are the way to go.

In a nutshell, cold emails are the same as cold calls. It carries on one-on-one communication between two people in the business world. However, unlike cold calls, cold emails are less invasive and do not irritate potential customers.

What Distinguishes Cold Emails From Spam Or Unwanted Emails?

Different factors make cold emails different from spam emails. It is important to be aware of the differences. This would help to write a cold email that does not fall under the spam category.

  • The spam mails are there to fulfill the commercial motive only. On the other hand, a well-written cold email may lean towards some commercial aspects, but it also provides a lot of value. 
  • Spam emails are generally not very well-crafted and do not add any value to the recipients. So, they appear to be annoying to the recipients. However, cold emails with suitable headers and an authentic approach attract the recipients to open the mail. 
  • The best indicator of spam mail is that they mostly seem irrelevant to the recipients. Spam emails rarely address the recipients’ interests. They forward the same emails to everyone on the sales list without considering the client’s requirements. But, sending a cold email requires extensive research regarding the client’s requirements and background.

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Reasons and Explanations: Why Do Your Cold Emails Not Receive Replies?

Knowing about the tips and tricks to receiving quick responses using the cold email strategy is crucial. But, it is more important to know the reasons why your cold emails do not receive replies. This helps you to eliminate the odd factors while writing a cold email.

Lengthy introduction: You are speaking more about yourself

Lengthy introduction: You are speaking more about yourself

Self-introduction is important to make the potential client aware of the services you can offer. However, if you speak more about yourselves instead of focusing on the recipient, he or she will get confused. So, do not blabber unnecessary things about yourself in cold emails. Keep your email short and crisp, mentioning the services you can offer.

Your Demands Are Too Much

You should be practical with your requests while reaching out to a person via cold email. You cannot request something that will force the recipients to step outside of their comfort zone or ability.

Your claims do not have any supporting evidence:

If you make a statement without providing evidence, your efforts to write a cold email will be futile. You should share your portfolios to prove your skills. Describe your favorite aspects of the prospect’s blog as well as the posts that most interest you.

Your Email Contains Errors And Spelling Mistakes

Cold emailing is all about reaching out to a person or potential customer to let them know about your business and services. The recipient only gets to know about your company through email. So, it is important to pay attention to the email content.

If your email has errors and spelling mistakes, it will give the reader a bad image of your business and will come across as unprofessional. So, you must proofread your emails before hitting the send button.

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Guidelines for Drafting Cold Emails That Get Quick Responses

When it comes to following a seamless sales strategy, drafting strong cold emails plays an important role. Here are some guidelines and techniques for creating cold emails that earn quick responses.

1. Recognize And Research Your Prospects

Recognize And Research Your Prospects

It is crucial to know about your prospects thoroughly to offer relevant and suitable services. So, conducting some research before you approach them via cold emails is important. Research about the prospects helps to learn more about the company and its preferences.

The era of the internet has made gathering information about these prospects super easy. Prospect information can be found using Google and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To conduct prospect research, you can also refer to websites, blogs, and press or media releases.

2. Recognize The Potential Customer’s Mindset

Sales representatives seldom try to brainstorm out-of-the-box email marketing ideas to send to their prospects. They end up sending generic cold emails to a large number of prospects in the hope that they will at least receive some responses. But this approach is futile in most cases.

One of the first and foremost strategies should be understanding the prospects’ thoughts before curating the cold emails. You should not forget to incorporate a hint of empathy into the cold mail content so that people can instantly connect. 95% of all purchases are made without conscious thought. So, it is very important to influence the recipient’s emotions with the wordplay of cold emails.

Since influencing a recipient’s emotions ensures sales success, it is very crucial to explain the benefits of availing your products or services. You must demonstrate your products’ or services’ potential to acquire their trust. Additionally, be sure to provide them with something worthwhile to help you stand out from the numerous generic emails that readers receive.

3. Create An Interesting Subject Line

The email subject line is something that makes your email stand out from the numerous generic emails. The receiver will look at it first when reading your email. So, if they do not find it relevant or attractive, the chance of getting a response will drop. So, you must put careful thought into creating interesting subject lines.

Make your subject line speak louder for your business in the recipient’s crowded inbox to attract their attention to your email. It must be appealing enough, and the following tips can help you achieve that goal:

  • The prospect is more inclined to respond to an individual and unique subject line, increasing the likelihood that it will be opened.
  • Humans are naturally curious about stuff. So, if you manage to find a subject line that creates aspects that generate interest, it can produce outstanding outcomes.
  • Including humorous subject lines always works wonderfully. People generally like it when someone makes them laugh.
  • If the subject line evokes a sense of urgency along with a FOMO (fear of missing out) vibe, the recipients become more interested in opening the mail.

4. Concentrate On Writing An Outstanding Opening Line

Whenever we sit down to watch a movie or read a book, it is always the first part that helps us decide whether we should continue or not. So, first impressions are very important. The same strategy goes for cold emails too.

You must be aware that a compelling first sentence can convince a reader to continue reading. So, you should always pay extra attention to coming up with an effective opening line to grab the readers’ attention.

5. Ensure That You Include Social Proof

By highlighting other people or businesses you have collaborated with who have achieved outcomes in your sales emails, you are attempting to establish your credibility. With the use of social proof, you can become more than just another salesperson. Ensure to include the following social proof:

  • Testimonials from clients
  • Your product or service’s current user base
  • Client Reviews
  • Celebrity support
  • Certificates and online classes developed by your business

6. Limit The Length Of Emails

Limit The Length Of Emails

It is ridiculous to expect that people will take the time to read lengthy passages of text from a stranger. So, you should respect others’ time while writing cold emails. If you want more interaction and quicker responses, opt for short and brief cold emails.

7.  Customize The Sender Name

The recipient gets to see the sender’s name first apart from the subject line while opening cold emails. If the sender’s name is too general, such as noreply@xyz.com, most people won’t respond to emails. It is always advisable to add your name or business name as a sender name to get more clicks.

 8. Add A Human Touch

Even though your prospect is the CEO of a major MNC, you must keep in mind that he shares many of our traits as human beings. Therefore, it is crucial to approach your prospects as actual people.

9. Use CTA Correctly

Always include a call-to-action (CTA) in emails. You must pose pertinent questions to the potential customer, so they will consider how using the goods or services you are providing might benefit them.

10. Send Customized Emails

If you customize your cold emails’ content as per the prospects’ requirements, people will pay more attention to learning what you can offer. They will feel special and be more inclined to respond to a personal email. According to statistics, tailoring cold mail increases conversion rates by 10% in the B2B market.

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Templates For Cold Emails To Boost Response Rate

Templates For Cold Emails To Boost Response Rate

These templates might help you create cold emails that are read and responded to. However, be certain that they apply to your case.

Template 1: An Email Requesting The Appropriate Point Of Contact

Greetings, <prospect’s name>

I’m “your name,” and I’m here on behalf of “company name.” Please let me know who sets the rules and makes decisions in the marketing dept and how I can get in touch with them.


{{Your email signature}}

Template 2. A Sample Email From A Third Party

Greetings, <prospect name>

I looked up your name on “source” and was curious if you might assist me. I believe that (prospect’s company name) can profit from a solution my business has to address (pain point). Please advise me as I am unable to reach the concerned employee at your organization. You have my sincere thanks.


{{Your email signature}}

Template 3: An email design with a straightforward approach

Greetings, <prospect’s name>

Do you spend a lot of money on customer service?

In less than a year, we have assisted several significant companies in lowering their support costs and increasing sales. It was made feasible by our remedy, “name product/service.”

You don’t have to put in a lot of time learning how to utilize it, either.

Would you be open to a brief phone conversation to discuss how the “product” or “service” can increase your sales?


(Your email signature)


When many argue that cold email marketing is not alive, the practical market trend shows that cold emails work wonderfully to expand a business if implemented correctly. For instance, cold emails are still widely used in the recruitment industry. Recruiters rely on recruitment email templates for everyday outreach. Email generates a higher return on investment for marketers than other means of communication.

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