13 Unbelievable AI Prompt Generators to Create Better AI Content

13 Unbelievable AI Prompt Generators to Maximize Your AI Content Creation

The process of AI generation always starts with textual instructions. Your ability to create quality outputs is usually predicated on whether or not you can create detailed prompts to feed software. With enough information, AI-powered tools can generate much better articles, blog posts, and artistic images. 

Given the importance of effective prompts, you should consider adding prompt makers to your marketing toolkit. These programs can become invaluable for your content creation as they can significantly improve the results you get from other software. 

What the Heck is an AI Prompt Generator?

Although AI generators are sophisticated in their own regard, they’re not omnipotent. They often struggle to understand what you’re asking from them, which affects the end outputs. This is especially true when creating longer blog posts or looking to create specific art images. 

Ideally, you should provide these online tools with as much information as possible beforehand. That way, they can generate just the right content to achieve your marketing goals. This is where prompt generators come into play.

With this type of software, you can generate concise prompts to feed AI tools. All you have to do is input a general topic, and a prompt maker will put out dozens of suggestions. Alternatively, you can use these programs to optimize ideas, making them more detailed and more suitable for AI generation software. 

What are the Advantages of Using an AI Prompt Generator?

These generators provide lots of benefits to the users:

  • Generate prompt ideas from thin air 
  • Save time creating perfect prompts 
  • Optimize prompts according to your brand voice
  • Make prompts more suitable for content generation tools

With these advanced AI tools, you can further simplify and expedite your content creation process. Aside from producing a wide range of prompts from scratch, they can improve your existing prompts so that the AI content generators have more information to start from. As such, they’re perfect for content creators who are fresh out of ideas or want to improve their existing methodology. 

Another rarely mentioned benefit is making your prompts more brand-friendly. Since every tool starts from textual instructions, having consistent inputs will also make outputs more consistent and relevant. 

13 Amazing AI Prompt Generators to Check Out

We can classify all this software into textual, image, and general-purpose generators. In the following section, I’ll analyze some of the best programs on the market, what separates them from the rest, and what kind of features you can expect. 

Text and Visual AI Prompt Generators

Whether you’re looking for textual or image prompts, these programs can help you out. The multipurpose tools are ideal for larger marketing teams that utilize different AI methods to deliver results for their own and clients’ channels. 

1. PromptPerfect


If you’re looking for enhanced prompts, you don’t have to look further than PromptPerfect. The software is tailor-made for different natural language processing models such as ChatGPT, Claude, Command, Midjourney, and DALL-E 2. That way, your inputs will be much more suitable for your software of choice, resulting in significantly better outputs. 

Unlike some other programs on the list, PromptPerfect doesn’t have a prompt library or premade prompt groups. In other words, you can’t choose from a list of existing prompts and, instead, have to create and optimize prompts from scratch. On the other hand, the good thing about the software is that it gives you much more leeway when creating complex prompts. 

One of the more intriguing features is the ethical filter. If you check this box, the tool can create just about any type of text or visual prompts, completely disregarding inappropriate content. I also liked that the tool allows you to deploy prompts as a service. 

2. PromptBase


PromptBase works, first and foremost, as a prompt marketplace. Users can visit this site if they want to purchase image bundles created by DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Leonardo AI prompt generator. Another thing I found interesting is that their site allows the hiring of prompt engineers.

Of course, they also offer prompt makers on their platform. For example, you can get a custom program for ChatGPT that allows you to simplify the process of prompt ideation. Based on what I’ve noticed after short use, the available programs aren’t as sophisticated as PromptPerfect, but they can still do the trick. 

Among others, you can also utilize PromptBase as a content generator. The platform utilizes the Stable Diffusion model for its art creation, so this is another thing you can benefit from. 

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3. Taskade


Saying that Taskade is a prompt generator would be doing it a disservice. This platform can be utilized for various business and marketing projects, allowing teams to collaborate, schedule tasks, and create roadmaps in the same dashboard. In other words, you can use it to streamline all your daily activities in just a few clicks.

When producing prompts for tools, you can utilize programs for ChatGPT prompts, journals, weekly review prompts, interactive tutorials, and creative art prompts. Users can amplify these programs with other tools and features that the company provides for a much more comprehensive AI experience.

4. Flowgpt


Unlike other entries on the list, Flowgpt is a community-driven solution that allows its members to discover powerful prompts. As an open-source, everyone can benefit from it. Besides creating and optimizing prompts, the platform allows the sharing of other people’s prompts and the exploration of use cases. 

Before creating prompts, the platform allows you to choose between Llama, ChatGPT, Pygmalion, Mythalion, and Google Palm language models. I especially liked that the community members can create all sorts of tools, features, and prompts that everyone can benefit from. For example, you can utilize shorteners and expanders to modify your existing prompts or create extensive stories for your blog. 

Text (ChatGPT) AI Prompt Generators

While art generator tools are fantastic in their own regard, most marketers still prefer text generators. These programs are ideal for blog posting but also for social media and advertising campaigns. 

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5. WebUtility


As a platform, WebUtility has a lot to offer to its users. You can find all sorts of editors, minifiers, and beautifiers on the site, including the ChatGPT prompt tool. 

Despite being relatively simple, the software gives you a lot of crucial options. You can choose between several actions like writing, analysis, and recommendation, each providing a different spin to your custom prompts. You can also choose the content format.

Once you’ve inserted your main keywords and description, it will take the tool just a few moments to produce results. Based on my limited testing, there’s much more to be wanting with this original prompt maker, as the outputs are rather rudimentary. 

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6. Prompts.chat


Although this site won’t help you with the creation of prompts, you can still benefit from it. In other words, Prompts.chat works as a large repository, giving users access to expert prompts. These inputs were previously vetted by the company’s online team and are disclosed on the home page.

So, while this might not be the type of tool you’re looking for, you can still utilize numerous compelling prompts for your business. The community members have covered all sorts of topics, and you’re free to copy-paste the prompts into your AI tool of choice. Of course, you can also become a contributor and add your inputs to the community chat.  

7. NeuralWriter


The things I like about NeuralWriter are its simplicity and output quality. Unlike many other entries on the list, this is a free, straightforward tool that you can use from your browser. The software provides almost instantaneous results, which is another major perk.

While NeuralWriter doesn’t have the same range of options as other platforms, it still allows you to create prompts with over 10,000 characters. The tool also supports 27 languages, making it perfect for multinational teams 

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8. Prompt Genie


Between NeuralWriter and Prompt Genie, I would give the latter a slight advantage, at least in terms of output quality. The software works within the browser, providing instantaneous outputs based on your initial prompt. The answers are rather lengthy, giving you more leeway when shortening prompts. 

As with any other simple software, Prompt Genie has a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require much time getting used to. When it comes to drawbacks, I didn’t like the limited number of options. It’s also worth noting that this is a paid program, which is a bit disappointing given its limited functionality. 

Midjourney etc. Art Prompt Generators

Art generators are extremely versatile, which also makes them tricky to use. Not only should you pay attention to art style, colors, and other visual elements, but you also need to be certain that the prompt is suitable for your needs. To enhance your AI usage, I give you the best prompt generators for visual artificial intelligence tools. 

9. promptoMANIA


The thing I like about this software is that it covers most AI art models. You can use promptoMANIA to create quality inputs for Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, CF Spark, and DreamStudio. 

The tool has quite a few customization options, making it much easier to create suitable prompts for your business. As with any similar tool, you start by providing textual input. Alternatively, you can use existing templates or URLs to share base images. After that, you can modify the art medium, camera, display, lighting, and other features.

My favorite thing about the program is that you can select a specific art style for your AI images. For example, you can try out Picasso or Caravaggio, giving your pics a unique yet stunning appearance.

10. PromptHero


With this incredible program, you can create custom art prompts and images according to your settings. PromptHero allows you to search images based on models such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. It also allows you to discover beautiful visuals on the web that can serve as the starting point. 

When using the software, you can choose between several styles, including photography, fashion, anime, portrait, architecture, concept art, and more. As if that wasn’t enough, the users can also post their prompts, which can serve as a source of inspiration. 

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11. Midjourney Prompt Helper

Midjourney Prompt Helper

Unlike most AI art makers, Midjourney Prompt Helper doesn’t have a template base. Instead, you create prompts from scratch by inputting various image elements and aspects. Among others, you can select between different styles, artists, color palettes, materials, and camera features prior to content generation.

Although you can upload images into the tool, most users prefer introducing textual inputs. You have full control over picture quality, size, and other aspects, ensuring that the end product is suitable for your website and marketing channels. 

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12. AI Text Prompt Generator

AI Text Prompt Generator

With this program, you can create prompts from scratch or utilize existing images and their prompts as inspiration. The thing I liked about this generator is that it provides you with several sets of prompts. For example, one part of the output covers the main subject, while the second focuses on style and colors. You also get hashtags for social media, thus simplifying social sharing. 

The tool’s slight drawback is that it doesn’t have drop-down menus with options. For example, all your instructions are introduced within the prompt itself via keywords. You can’t change the lighting or choose a color palette as with some other generators, which might limit your options if you’re a newbie. 

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13. Hugging Face MidJourney Prompt Generator

Hugging Face MidJourney Prompt Generator

Hugging Faceb is one of the simpler tools on the list; it only has one box where you type in your textual instructions. After that, the software will generate a list of various images it found online, such as paintings made by famous artists or promotional materials from popular marketing campaigns. 


If you think that creating AI prompts is easy, you’re up for a rude awakening. Although anyone can provide instructions for these tools, that doesn’t mean you’ll get good outputs. As it usually goes, the devil is in detail, which is why prompt generators can be so valuable.

With these tools, you can optimize existing prompts and create new ones. They further simplify your marketing process and can lead to even better content quality. 

Hero Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

AI Prompt Generator FAQs

What is the best AI prompt generator?

Based on the information sourced from various online platforms, the best AI prompt generators include “AI Text Prompt Generator,” “PromptoMania,” “PromptPerfect,” “WebUtility,” and “Leonardo AI Prompt Generator.” These tools leverage natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate prompts for AI applications like ChatGPT and are valued for their ability to produce clear and effective prompts.

How do I create an AI prompt?

To create an AI prompt, you can start by providing a clear and detailed description of what you’d like the AI to generate. This can include specifying the type of content you want, such as a short story, marketing copy, or even an image. The more specific and detailed your prompt is, the better the AI will be able to understand and fulfill your request. Additionally, considering providing relevant keywords or context to guide the AI in generating the content you need.

What is the AI that draws on prompts?

The AI that draws on prompts is a type of AI model that uses natural language processing to generate images based on textual input. These models are trained to understand and interpret textual descriptions and then generate corresponding images. Additionally, they harness algorithms that analyze text prompts and translate them into captivating visual content with astonishing accuracy and creativity.

What is the AI that generates prompts for ChatGPT?

The AI that generates prompts for ChatGPT is a cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI. It uses a technique called unsupervised learning to understand and generate human-like text. This AI is designed to assist marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators in various marketing tasks, including content creation, real-time web browsing, SEO optimization, data analysis, creative brainstorming, social media strategy, and more.

Is there free AI generator?

Yes, ther are platforms that offer no-cost services to automate and assist with tasks ranging from writing drafts to data analysis, allowing marketers to streamline processes and enhance creativity. While these tools bring efficiency to the digital landscape, they often come with limitations on usage and features that the premium versions unlock.

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