WeChat Marketing: 10 Tips to Market Your Brand on WeChat

WeChat Marketing: 10 Tips to Market Your Brand on WeChat

Nowadays, everyone who knows China and how to do business in this country will tell you that social media platforms like Tencent’s WeChat are the future when it comes to marketing strategies.

In fact, because of this network, every small company using WeChat has become a real competitor. Because they can target a huge percentage of the population.

There are hundreds of millions of people using WeChat, a huge number of potential consumers.

To engage with fans and customers, a company has to know how to maximize business through WeChat.

If you’re still trying to figure WeChat out, I recommend you first watch this video:

YouTube video

Be Innovative on WeChat

On WeChat, everything is possible, and cooperation with Tencent is possible. A hotel may develop a WeChat app-based solution. Smarthotel, for example, is in partnership with WeChat.

WeChat with Caesars Entertainment and Ayla Networks showcase hotel rooms of the future.

YouTube video

Invest in Quality Content (Chinese like it)

Many brands have their personal accounts that people can follow, subscribe to and become a member of their network. There are many verified accounts but also non-verified accounts. A verified account means that WeChat recognizes that the account is official and shares high quality, creative content. When a brand’s account is verified, they can attract audiences by posting high-quality media content with audio messages, videos, photos and text for their fans and followers.

For example ‘Treelabs’, a Bluetooth speaker brand provides a daily playlist of songs from different countries. This way their community can listen to international music. Here’s a playlist for you.

WeChat music

Develop Loyalty Programs for WeChat Users

WeChat allows a company or a brand to convert their followers into members. A business can use a marketing strategy of creating loyalty programmes using geo-location services to locate consumers and offer promotions close to them.

There are three ways to market to consumers on WeChat:

  1. Offer a VIP card through the app
  2. Send promotions
  3. Give e-coupons that they can exchange in stores

Watsons, the largest personal care store in China opened an official WeChat channel. Chinese customers can purchase their products through the WeChat store. In China, the followers also have exclusive access to their services and receive discounts at the nearest Watson’s store by sending their location to the account.  Official Account ID: WatsonsMalaysia


020 (Online to Offline) via QR Codes

The companies looking to bring more followers and fans onto WeChat embed a QR Code linked to their account in as many places as they can. The moment someone scans the QR Code, they become a member and follows all the shared content.

Brands put QR Codes on their physical products and entice consumers to scan it with promotions, discounts, lucky draws, souvenirs or a WiFi pass.

Companies also feature their QR Code on their Weibo page or wall posts to grab attention.
For example, you can check the WeChat of the artist, Patrick the Chinese. Every day he publishes funny videos and stories

Wechat QR
Offer Incentives to WeChat Users

Through WeChat, you can communicate and advertise directly on smartphones apps. Businesses attract consumers with prizes, promotions or pictures and they will follow. Learn more about WeChat marketing.

Targeting specific communities also a good strategy. Here’s are the top 5 WeChat channels for Wine lovers. Give your new followers a gift that meets their specific likes and needs.

Create Websites inside WeChat

Another WeChat tool allows brands to create small websites to give followers a better brand experience. There are two interacting menus for marketing purposes; this helps one to better manage interaction with fans.

Examples of WeChat marketing campaigns:

McDonald’s WeChat marketing campaign
Mac Donald WeChat
The international fast food company McDonald’s quickly understood the power of WeChat in their marketing strategy. They have been highly active on the network. They share fun and interactive content through the audio function. The brand also sponsored a contest asking people to record a ‘Big Mac Rap’. This inspired online fans because the campaign was fun and free. Engaging directly with consumers helps to improve the brand’s image and its e-reputation.

Burberry’s WeChat marketing campaign
Burberry WeChat
Burberry is known as one of the most appreciated brands in China, they have used WeChat for the London runway show, audio commentary was offered by Chinese celebrities. They used WeChat for their London runway show, and audio commentary was given by Chinese celebrities. They sent a virtual plaque engraved with the names of all people who sent them a message. It was a way to make followers feel unique and to feel they have a relation with the brand they love. This is a way brands can develop loyalty.

Check out a video of the campaign here:

YouTube video

WeChat has become a lucrative marketing platform with its plethora of different functions. Brands and companies can geo-localize potential consumers, categorize them, and target them effectively.

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