TikTok Trends: 9 Best Ways to Find Them (Analysis & Usage Tips)

TikTok Trends: 9 Best Ways to Find Them (with Tips on How to Analyze and Use Them)

TikTok trends seem to pop up everywhere. Even if you are not a frequenter of the social media platform, you have likely run across the latest TikTok trend on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Despite the amount of time and energy that goes into sustaining and bolstering TikTok trends, many marketers and marketing teams remain largely unaware of how to successfully stay on top of trends and make them work for their company or brand. Why are TikTok trends so important? I’ll explain why you can’t afford to sleep on TikTok trends in greater detail below. 

TikTok, as a platform, functions almost entirely on viral trends. Its focus on short-form videos and small snippets is great for viral moments and viral trends, and is the lifeblood moving its engagement sky high. The algorithm used by TikTok actually rewards content creators who catch current trends and employ them. If you want to grow on the platform, leaning into TikTok trends is one of the best ways to do so. With that being said, of course, how exactly do you figure out what is trending at any given time? Read on for my best tips and advice regarding TikTok trend analysis and implementation. 

Immerse Yourself in the TikTok Experience

Learning how to weave TikTok trends into your content strategy requires a thorough immersion in the platform itself. Familiarize yourself with TikTok as thoroughly as you can, by browsing the platform when you can, digging into your niche, and evaluating your audience. I have brought together 3 of the most effective ways to immerse yourself in TikTok in order to successfully leverage TikTok trends to work to your advantage. 

1. Dive into the For You Page (FYP)

Dive into the For You Page (FYP)

The For You Page (FYP) is going to be the simplest and easiest way to get a closer look at the most recent trends and viral videos. To make sure that you are successfully identifying the hottest trends, make sure that you are doing the following as you peruse the FYP: 

  • Actively watch videos. Don’t just scroll passively! Pay attention to recurring elements found within the videos, and take note. You can do this at different times of day on the social media platform, and with a focus on different elements, to make sure you are being as thorough as possible.  
  • Note specific sounds. Jot down song titles or artists or determine if it is an original audio clip. This can help you develop a successful trend recap, as it can help you come up with your own spin on audio trends, to make even the most unrelated trend swing back to your niche. 
  • Look at hashtags. Check what hashtags are consistently paired with videos of a similar style or theme. Hashtags are a great way to get a handle on the next massive trend, because they can direct you to the videos you are looking for, from cat videos to video game walkthroughs, to product recommendations. 
  • Analyze video formats. Is there a dominant editing style, text overlay trend, or filming technique that keeps reappearing? An overview of the hottest trends means looking at what exactly is driving that trend. Because effective social media marketing strategy relies on correct trend recaps and subsequent implementation, the more details you can gather, the better. 

2. Explore the Discover Explore Tab

TikTok Explore tab

The Discover tab used to be a great way of finding trend recaps, because you could specifically look at the trending videos and focus on those. Unfortunately that tab was replaced with the Friends tab sometime ago. As a response to that move, and currently only available on desktop, there is an Explore tab that serves a similar purpose.

The trending section delivers a snapshot of what is hot at that moment across a variety of niches such as singing & dancing, comedy, sports, anime & comics, relationships, etc., and can help you uncover a wide range of interesting, trending videos, regardless of how close they are to your own content. 

The same is true of trending hashtags. As you browse through the trend examples on this page, you can investigate how different creators are using the hashtag for inspiration, and how that inspiration is being translated into captivating trends in current videos. 

As you evaluate trends, you can also check trending sounds. Browse through the latest trends and pay close attention to the different ways sound is being used. Whether you are looking at a funny video or a more instructive or serious one, you can find trending sound and determine how best to relate it back to your own content. 

3. Follow Trend-Focused Accounts

TikTok is home to plenty of accounts dedicated to TikTok trends. You can find accounts that offer information about concrete trends and passing trends, alike, by searching terms such as “TikTok trends,” “trend alert,” and more. Take a look at these accounts and observe the different types of content they are publishing, and analyze all of the new trend breakdowns and predictions they are publishing. 

Although these videos are useful enough on their own, make sure you check their comments; users often suggest additional trends, offer alternative interpretations, and lend their own ideas for existing trends to help elevate existing ideas.  

Utilize TikTok’s Built-In Tools

TikTok does, ultimately, want its users to succeed, as it helps the platform continue to grow and expand its reach. To that end, TikTok does offer several built-in tools to help users navigate all aspects of the platform, including its trends. 


The Discover tab has a search function, which allows you to gather information by paying close attention to suggestions. Start typing relevant words in our niche in order to see suggested hashtags, and their view counts. By doing this, you can help develop your content strategy in order to schedule content in advance, and stay on top of trends over a longer period of time. 

As you go about researching and tracking trending hashtags, assess their usage beyond just their numbers. Click on a hashtag to watch videos and determine whether it is creatively applicable to your needs, or a highly saturated trend that does not offer a window into a relatable situation for the type of content you create. Not all of the hottest trends will work for you, but make sure you complete your research to identify which trends are most likely to perform well with your work and which ones can be left behind. In this case, leave the red flags and beige flags behind and focus on the green flagged hottest trends. 

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An evaluation of the hottest trends on TikTok certainly would not be complete without an acknowledgement of the way that audio functions on the platform. Even TikTok ads take full advantage of trending sounds, and a trend recap needs a period of time devoted to identifying the sounds found in interesting videos. By tapping the rotating record icon at the bottom of the video or image slideshow, you can see the sound’s name or its artist. When you click on it, you will be taken to a compilation that shows how others are using the sound for diverse and highly varied ideas. 

Once you have found sounds to use with your videos, tap the bookmark icon to store those sounds to use with upcoming content. Some sounds can be used to match facial expressions, daily routines, or background information, while others are more robust and can be used to build an entire series around. As you browse, save anything that could prove useful within the next month of content strategy. 

6. Reference the TikTok Creative Center

Tiktok Creative Center

Navigate to the official TikTok website, rather than the app. Once there, explore the trending leaderboards. TikTok keeps track of the top sounds, top creators, and more, all of which can be filtered by region to make sure you are looking into local trends. TikTok also produces case studies to illustrate the manner in which brands have successfully put certain trends into practice in their campaigns. Social media managers should keep a close eye on these case studies overall, to stay on top of effective TikTok social strategy. 

Effectively using TikTok does not always mean staying on the platform; instead, it can mean using outside tools to help, or even browsing the different TikTok videos that have migrated to other platforms. Broaden your search to do your level best to find different trends that you can then use on your own account. I have found some of the best ways to do this include: 

7. Consult Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools can be enormously helpful in successfully managing TikTok and keeping TikTok trends top of mind as you create content. Check your current social media management tool to determine if it has trend tracking abilities or tools. If not, consider exploring some social tools that do go over the hottest trends. This can make life significantly easier for social media managers who are looking for trend examples. 

You can also look for consolidated data, or tools that deliver reports that show trend data across multiple platforms (think Instagram Reels), in order to capitalize on the current trends from multiple platforms. Bigger-picture thinking like this can help increase the efficacy of TikTok ads and general content. 

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8. Monitor ‘Trend Recaps’

Trend recaps can help you get a better handle on the hottest trends and how they may apply to your content creation process. Search platforms like YouTube using search terms similar to “TikTok Trends [Month] Recap,” as these types of videos can help you keep an eye on past trends and try to gather information on what trends might be coming. It can be folded into the daily routines of social media managers, as can perusing trend-focused blogs. Subscribing to newsletters specializing in social media trend analyses can help prepare you for the daily, weekly, or monthly content creation process using recent trend examples. 

Instagram Reels can be useful to identify trends that consistently have high engagement and bring in audience members. To maximize their usefulness, browse the Reels tab specifically (rather than Instagram generally), and conduct a video search, going over those Reels. Take note of any Reels that originated on TikTok; look for watermarks with the TikTok logo or audio that has been attributed to TikTok creators. While it may not offer concrete trend ideas as thoroughly as looking at TikTok itself, it can be useful to have a set of eyes on other platforms to check all possible sources of aesthetic videos that are setting off trend-making content creation. 

Analyze Trends for Adaptability

Now that I have demonstrated some of the ways I find TikTok trends, let’s talk more about how to analyze those trends for adaptability to fit your own wants and needs. There are several important questions I always consider as I evaluate for adaptability, including the following:

Does it Align with Your Brand?

Not every trend is going to be suitable for your brand. A catwalk trend is likely going to look out of place and awkward for a company selling golf clubs, for instance. Consider your audience and your brand voice, and choose accordingly. A comedic video might be suitable for one brand, but feel out of place and stilted for another. Forceful participation can backfire and actively harm the reach and engagement success of your brand’s content creation process. 

Can You Put a Unique Spin on It?

Putting a spin on a trend is an absolute must before adopting a trend. Trends are useful, because they help you stay relevant and top of mind, but can be problematic if they are used in the exact same, tired way other content creators are using them. Standing out requires you to get a fresh perspective on an existing trend. Social media today moves quickly, but avoid hopping on a trend without having your voice seep through. How can you tailor the trend in question to your niche or the style of your content? 

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Is It Still Gaining Momentum?

Jumping onto a late-stage trend may yield fewer results than leaping in with a trend on social media today or within the past few days. Try to spot trends as they are on an upward growth phase for the greatest viral potential, and leap onto those. Scheduling trend posts with your preferred social media management tools can help alleviate some of the stress of jumping on trends immediately, and focusing on compelling stories alongside trends will continue to support engagement and success. If you have a trend and it is not gaining momentum, perhaps keep it on the back burner to circle back to later, if a similar trend arises. 

Additional Tips

I value the many opportunities that TikTok affords to content creators, but using the platform is not always easy to navigate and find success on. To help support success in social media today, given the seemingly unending changes made to algorithms and trends, there are some additional tips I have developed and found useful. Consider: 

Batch Create Trendy Content

Trend participation requires quick turnaround to remain relevant and prevent falling behind. Batch creating content inspired by trends allows you to capitalize on those trends and make sure that you do not find yourself in a funny situation in which you are constantly falling behind on the latest trends. Batch create to rapidly release high-quality content and enjoy taking part in the latest viral sensations on TikTok. 

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Embrace Variety


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♬ original sound – THE SOCIAL BFF

Compelling stories remain an invaluable part of social media strategy, so do not neglect these types of posts in favor of focusing entirely on trend-driven videos. A mix of content is going to offer the healthiest and most robust approach to developing your videos. A healthy mix might look like user-generated content demonstrating the use of one of your products one day, a review of another product or service the next, followed by a trend-driven video, and book-ended by a description of a comical situation that has happened in your line of work. Variety is your friend where TikTok is concerned, so don’t be afraid to mix things up. 

Have Fun!

Authenticity is what truly shines on TikTok, so don’t take trench-chasing too seriously. Prepare where you can, take advantage of any funny text overlay, entertaining audio, or aesthetic video recommendations that align with your brand or company’s message and vision, but do not make it the be-all, end-all of your content marketing strategy. 

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Taking time to evaluate and subsequently implement TikTok trends into your content strategy can be invaluable to give your account an added boost toward viral potential, and it can help reach audiences that are in tune with the latest trends on TikTok. Trends can help establish an initial bond and bring new audience members to your account, while entertaining existing followers, and encouraging strong bonds with those followers alongside your standard content. 

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