The Secret TikTok Emoji Codes: What They Are and How to Access Them

The Secret TikTok Emoji Codes: What They Are and How to Access Them

A discussion of social media is no longer complete without a substantial mention of TikTok. Emerging on the scene only a few short years ago, TikTok has exploded, and become a powerhouse of a social media app used by companies, brands, and individuals alike, with countless sources of entertainment and engagement. Although the numbers suggest TikTok is used by countless people, brands, and companies, many people are not familiar with all of the creative content it is possible to create on the app, because many content creators are not familiar with the different emojis that can be inserted into the short-form videos that have been made so popular by the app. From challenge videos to snippets reviewing products, audience engagement rates can increase by adding TikTok emojis into your day-to-day content creation. 

How exactly do active users go about accessing TikTok emoji codes? We’ll take a clear dive into the many different options available to users today. 

What Is the Secret TikTok Emoji Code?

The secret TikTok emoji code is a collection of hidden emojis that can be unlocked through the use of special shortcodes, in order to utilize a series of images not readily available to those unfamiliar with the codes. Many of these emojis resemble that standard emojis and emoticons seen on phone and computer keyboards, but many of them are TikTok native emojis, and cannot be found via the emoji keyboards on those same cell phones and computers. 

How to Access the Secret Emoji Codes?

Secret emoji codes can be accessed by inserting the code words used to activate them into square brackets. As an example, to conjure a smiling face, you can insert [happy], and watch as familiar emojis appear. Once your code of choice has been typed out in that format and you hit “enter,” the code will automatically populate the native system emoji and generate those beloved expressive faces and gestures on your TikTok account. 

How Many Secret TikTok Emojis Are There?

Although emojis do vary across different operating systems, most have a substantial number in order to provide a useful or helpful number of expressions. The same is true of TikTok, as the app provides the regular emojis expected of technology, as well as others bearing their own visual style unique to TikTok. There are 46 total emojis available on the app using the secret codes, all of which can be seen and used below (image source for individual emoji images). 


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Dumpling-Shaped TikTok Secret Emojis

First up: dumpling-shaped TikTok secret emojis. These are the emojis that are most thoroughly unique to this particular social media app, as most emoji keyboards do not offer dumpling faces as part of their options. These faces are close to the same faces offered by the more rounded images found in TikTok’s standard emoji offerings, but with the benefit of more differentiated color and the cute factor provided by the presence of dumplings and the creative ways people use them. The 23 dumpling emojis available from TikTok, beginning with the ones most similar to old-school emojis, include: 


1. [joyful]

The joyful emoji is the dumpling answer to the standard happy emoji. 


2. [hehe]

The hehe emoji is a laughing, side-eye counterpart to the standard laugh with tears emoji. 


3. [tears]

The tears emoji is most similar to the standard crying counterpart. 


4. [stun]

The stun emoji is the dumpling version of the emoji with a drop of sweat against the forehead. 


5. [rage]

Rage is perhaps most closely related to the red-faced, angry emoji found across virtually every emoji keyboard. 


6. [cool]

The cool dumpling matches the emoji with sunglasses so many people have come to know and love (and use). 


7. [excited]

An excited dumpling, while technically among the exclusive emojis offered on TikTok, is similar to the excited face found on most apps. 


8. [smileface]

A simple, soft smile, this dumpling is a perennial favorite emoji to convey basic contentment. 


9. [angel]

The dumpling angel emoji is used much in the same way as standard angel emojis: to suggest innocence. 


10. [laugh]

A straight-across counterpart to the laughing emojis, this dumpling features crying eyes. 


11. [loveface]

Another nearly identical counterpart, this dumpling is a simple heart-eyes emoji. 


12. [shock]

The final emoji in our straight-across bunch, the shocked dumpling features an open mouth and a blue face. 


13. [wow]

The wow dumpling is used to convey shock or surprise. 


14. [slap]

One of the most unique, the face-slap emoji shows a red handprint on the face of the dumpling. 


15. [cute]

This dumpling face features large eyes and a smile to convey innocence and youth. 


16. [blink]

The blink friend emoji is used to be both friendly and a little bit flirty, with a heart to complete the look. 


17. [disdain]

As the name suggests, this emoji indicates disdain or feeling displeased. 


18. [astonish]

The dumpling here is not only astonished; it is upset. 


19. [proud]

The proud dumpling is unique among the TikTok specific emojis. 


20. [evil]

The evil dumpling features a purple face, fangs, and hollow cheeks.


21. [pride]

The proud dumpling features pursed lips and lowered brows. 


22. [nap]

The napping dumpling is so tired, it shows closed eyes and a dripping nose. 


23. [awkward]

The awkward dumpling shows an anxious expression with a drop of sweat. 

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Round Face TikTok Emoji Codes

The remaining TikTok emojis possess the basic round face shape of most emoji keyboards, but do have some differences that set them apart from others. These faces have been identified below: 


24. [smile]

The most basic of emojis, TikTok’s smile emoji features a close-mouthed grin. 


25. [cry]

The cry dumpling’s tears flow like a river. 


26. [angry]

The standard angry face, colored red. 


27. [happy]

The happy dumpling is perhaps more emphatic than other happy faces, with a wide grin and closed eyes. 


28. [embarrassed]

Similar to the worried face, the embarrassed face features a drop of sweat and furrowed brows. 


29. [surprised]

Another standard, the embarrassed face is pink and bashful. 


30. [shout]

Similar to the evil emoji, the shout emoji is purple and fanged. 


31. [wronged]

Although its name is wronged, this emoji seems more nervous and uncertain. 


32. [flushed]

Pink cheeks and a small smile complete this emoji. 


33. [yummy]

The yummy emoji gives a thumbs up and appreciation. 


34. [complacent]

Another sunglass-wearing emoji, the complacent face is all ease. 


35. [drool]

Also a heart-eyed emoji, this face includes a small bit of drool. 


36. [scream]

Show your shock or surprise with a blue face and a wide mouth. 


37. [weep]

TikTok’s crying face is all sorrow and a small tear. 


38. [speechless]

This emoji features shifty eyes and is another face with a drop of sweat. 


39. [funnyface]

The funnyface emoji features a stuck out tongue and a wink. 


40. [laughwithtears]

In case you need to laugh, but aren’t feeling quite goofy enough to use [funnyface]. 


41. [wicked]

Wicked is purple, with horns and fangs. 


42. [facewithrollingeyes]

Used to convey irritation or disgust. 


43. [sulk]

Aptly named, the sulk emoji is red, with a twisted brow and unhappy pout. 


44. [thinking]

This is a pensive face, stroking a metaphorical beard in thought. 


45. [lovely]

A kissing face with blushing cheeks and tightly-closed eyes. 


46. [greedy]

With dollar signs for eyes, this TikTok emoji demonstrates a hankering for dough.  

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Why Use Secret Emoji Codes?

While it may not immediately seem valuable to utilize emojis across your social media channels, the prolific nature of emojis and emoji shortcodes in various social media platforms and technology in general means that most people have come to expect the advantage of emojis in expression both on their own platforms and on the platforms of others. 

Why take the time and effort to utilize emojis on your mobile phone and TikTok account? For one, whether it is the emoji showing mischievous laughter or an emoji showing the level of your stress, being able to utilize your typing bar to add visual appeal to your TikTok is valuable. 

Emojis are also useful as a means of expression in comments and reactions. Although responding to comments and posting reactions of your own is important, doing so in a way that feels relatable and connection-heavy can help foster better relationships between brands or companies and their followers. 

Using codes for emojis can also be useful to help convey your reactions in a more interesting and visually compelling way. Using an emoji with hashtags can help connect like minded people, and emoji shortcode lists can help maintain a more visually interesting social media platform, and can make your brand or company seem more personable. From classic emojis to the more TikTok specific emojis, jumping on the emoji train can be an excellent way to aid in communication on your TikTok. 

Finally, utilizing the TikTok exclusive emojis can help you appear more fluent in using the app. Although using generic emojis is certainly useful, utilizing the hidden emoji list can give your followers a sense of comfort in your ability to navigate TikTok and can make you appear to be a more savvy TikTok user. Having a solid lineup of emojis in your arsenal is a boon to you in numerous ways, not the least of which is your ability to put on the appearance of confidence and comfort in using TikTok. 

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How Will You Use These TikTok Emoji Codes?

Learning how to use TikTok can come with a steep learning curve, but one of the best ways to use the app effectively is to take advantage of all of the secret hacks and codes available within the app. Have you used any of the codes mentioned here to improve your engagement on TikTok? Let us know in the comments!

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