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Wondering how to generate leads on Twitter?

Social media platforms like Twitter have become more than just avenues for communication. Businesses have unlocked the potential of these technologies by using them to connect directly with their customers. Platforms like Twitter have over 330 million active monthly users, which is an opportunity for businesses to reach millions of potential customers.

Better and personalized engagement, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to better understand your audience are the main reasons why social media is the best place to promote your business. The social scene is dynamic. Keeping up with the changing trends can give you a competitive advantage over your competition.

With that in mind, here are the developments you should watch out for in order to better understand how to generate leads on Twitter.

Current Trends on Twitter

1. Videos Will Dominate Twitter

Twitter was not famous for videos until the video stream feature was released. Companies that use video content in their web content get 41% more traffic than the ones that don’t. Moving forward, video marketers will be posting more video content on Twitter and posting tweets with videos to take advantage of this traffic.

The ability of the users to live stream on their phones has empowered digital marketers as they have a more effective way to connect directly with their audience.

Taking advantage of live videos can help you boost your brand awareness strategy. Live videos are a convenient way of sharing events and products with your audience in real-time, giving your small business the exposure it needs to build authority.

Video content can help you engage with your audience better than text. Human faces in your content don’t only grab the attention of your audience but also create a more profound and emotional connection with them.

To create a Twitter video that has a lasting impression, include your logo at the start of the video to draw the users closer to your brand. Featuring your staff or influencers in your video can help to increase the views and including captions will help make your content mobile-responsive.

2. Twitter for News

68% of Americans get news insights on Twitter. The majority of Twitter’s population being news-focused presents opportunities for small businesses to grow their brands. Users watch out for trending news, headlines, and viral events on this platform. By leveraging news-worthy content and videos, you can take your brand to the next level.

Since users go to this platform for what is trending in different fields, you can seize the opportunity and live stream your events. Users will retweet the news posted about your products and events, hence allowing you to reach a bigger audience.

You can also leverage the trending news on the platform for market analysis, which can help you create compelling and informed business strategies. Through news, you can get insights into what your competitors are doing.

3. Tweets in Search Engines

By using search engines such as Google, users are able to see your tweets and video content posted on your Twitter page. When using Bing or Yahoo, users can get access to your feeds but not individual tweets.

Some businesses already have their twitter accounts ranking on SERPs of search engines like Google. More information, not limited to their profiles, will also appear on the search results.

You can, therefore, include Twitter in your SEO strategy to boost your search rankings. Leveraging this trend to target users on search engines can help you increase your traffic. Optimizing your Twitter page can help you appear on various search engines.

Being consistent and frequent with your tweets increase your chances of ranking. Utilizing multimedia content for user engagement can help you rank on the SERPs. Using popular hashtags and growing your following through influencers and other strategies can also give you traction on the search engine rankings.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing engagement on Twitter is projected to increase. Twitter influencers have an impact on the purchasing decisions of other users. Word-of-mouth marketing by influencers can endorse your products and build your brand awareness.

Users rely on influencers for recommendations on products to use. Integrating your brand’s tweets and that of a celebrity can have a positive effect on the purchase intent of the users. Influencers have a broad reach. Partnering with them then allows you to reach a bigger audience.

Also, if impressed by your brand, the influencer’s following could end up being yours, too, hence driving more traffic to your page.

To find the right influencer for your brand, search through influencer profiles, and find the ones that are relevant to your niche. You can also use influencer marketing tools to help.

Your audience will look for influencers in your tweets and reviews. A recommendation by a celebrity influencer can help you build brand awareness and boost your sales faster.

5. Twitter Remarketing

Twitter has a feature that allows businesses to create remarketing campaigns to target users who have visited your page before. Retargeting an audience that has shown interest in your page can boost your conversion rate.

Segmenting your audience on Twitter and creating personalized tags will make your remarketing strategy more effective. The feature allows you to engage users that have been exposed to both organic and paid tweets across platforms.

This connects you to audiences that are likely to engage, and the ones that have a purchase intent.

How to Generate Leads on Twitter

Now that you know a few current trends on Twitter,  you generate targeted and high-quality leads from the platform. Here are the strategies to employ for effective Twitter lead generation.

1. Lead Your Followers to Your Web Landing Page

Sharing a page link with your Twitter followers can help you generate more leads. Create a landing page specifically for your Twitter followers. This will help avoid confusion and distraction from other pages on your website.

A call-to-action can encourage your followers to visit your page to find a solution to a problem.

2. Make Your Tweets Engaging and Shareable

Video content is six times more likely to be shared than plain text. High-quality tweets are more likely to be shared and responded to. Videos, links, and photos have better engagement and grab the users’ attention more compared to other forms of tweets.

Balancing promotional and informative tweets is also essential in attracting the attention of your audience. Keeping your images short and including multimedia in your tweets will motivate your followers to share your content.

3. Use Twitter’s Search Features to Find Leads

With the help of Twitter’s search feature, you can find, follow, and engage leads. You can use keywords relevant to your niche to find users who might be interested in your brand. The search feature also allows you to filter the results depending on demographics such as location and languages.

With the results, you can generate leads by following the people and holding conversations with them.

4. Partner with Twitter Influencers

Influencer marketing can help increase the favorability of your brand by 61%. Twitter influencers are powerful lead generation tools. Through their large following, influencers can quickly spread the word about your brand and they know the current Twitter trends that can help.

By sharing a hashtag that has your brand in it, influencers can make your Twitter handle go viral. The more exposure you get, the bigger your following will become, hence more leads.

Allowing influencers to host live events for your brand on Twitter can attract the attention of the users and boost engagement.

5. Take Part in Twitter Discussions

Participating in Twitter chats can help you drive more leads. Participate in conversations within your niche and share your thoughts on different topics. By joining, you can gain more followers, get mentions, and retweets.

This further enhances the exposure of your brand. Also, you can offer solutions to problems highlighted in the discussions. Users are likely to engage you to get more information on your suggestions.

6. Use Contests to Generate Leads

Holding caption contests can help you get user-generated content, which is useful for lead generation. You can also encourage users to post branded hashtags and reward them. Hashtags can help you create brand awareness and generate leads.

Competitions will make your brand trend and your following to increase as often users like to participate in contests and get prizes.

Q&A sessions are also lead generation strategies that can boost engagement and help you resolve any challenges that your audience may be facing.

7. Optimize Your Twitter Bio for Lead Generation

The bio is the first thing users see when studying your profile. You can use it to make an impact on your Twitter lead generation strategy.

In your bio, you can include a link to your landing page or the best content on your website. A CTA on the bio can motivate users to participate in contests, join discussions, or pursue offers on products on your landing page.

If you have multiple business Twitter accounts, you can post the handles on the bio to lead your followers to your other Twitter accounts. Including a branded hashtag on your bio makes it easy for your followers to see and share.

Including keywords in your bio can help you rank in search engine results pages. This will boost your visibility and lead generation efforts.

8. Use Paid Ads

You can use Twitter paid advertisements to boost your organic lead generation strategy. The use of Twitter ads by digital marketers has increased by 23%. Through Twitter ads, you can remarket to people who have interacted with your tweets.

They are also useful tools for engager targeting. This is for the users who have engaged with different forms of your tweets. That is videos, images and so on.

Using the Twitter ads feature, you can set the objective as conversions or website clicks. This will help you in lead generation. Using images and humor in your words can get you more shares and boost your visibility.

To Conclude: Use Current Twitter Trends to Generate Leads on Twitter

Staying updated with Twitter trends helps you stay on the radar of new lead generation opportunities. It also enables you to stay ahead of your competitors. Leveraging Twitter trends and Twitter lead generation strategies can boost the ROI of your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Creating shareable tweets, leading your followers to your landing page, and collaborating with influencers are some of the ways to generate leads on the platform. Watch out for more current trends on Twitter that can help boost your visibility as the trends grow.

Check out these five great tips on how to use Twitter for lead generation, in this infographic from Social Quant.

Check out these five great tips on how to use Twitter for lead generation!

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