How to Become Instagram Famous in 10 Easy Steps

How to Become Instagram Famous in 12 Easy Steps

Do you dream of becoming famous? Do you want to be well known in your school, group of friends, or neighborhood? Do you wish to go viral on the internet? Or perhaps your goal is to become a social media influencer. If this sounds like something that interests you, then fear not! This blog will teach you how to become Instagram famous. Here are twelve steps that will help guide and motivate you through the process:

Become the Student First

In order to succeed on Instagram, I recommend that you first get into the habit of analyzing, following, and engaging others even before you publish a lot of content. You can learn a lot just by becoming a “normal” Instagram user.

Step 1: Study Other Instagram Influencers

Step 1: Study Other Instagram Influencers

There are thousands of other social media influencers who will post images similar to what you want yours to look like. Study these images carefully and learn from them as well as their captions by asking yourself questions such as: What time of day was this picture taken? Where was the picture taken? Who else is in the picture with them? Why would someone care about this image? What makes this an interesting image?

Step 2: Follow People with Large Followings

For people to find you on Instagram, it is important for people who are already using the site to see how many followers you have because they may decide whether or not they want to follow you back based on a number of factors such as:

a)     How often do I like and comment on their pictures?

b)     Do I know this person in real life?

c)     How active is this person on Instagram?

Moreover, to gain more followers it would help if you follow other people who have large followings and share similar interests with you. People will then notice that you are following the same people they are and might check out your profile which will, in turn, lead to their following you as well.

Step 3: Interact By Liking and Commenting on Other Pictures

Step 3: Interact By Liking and Commenting on Other Pictures

Keeping track of what is happening on Instagram requires most users to use the “Explore” or “Popular” tab features located under one’s home page icon on one’s phone or tablet so that they can see what is popular at the moment. If one wants to become Instagram famous, it is important to always be aware of what trending hashtags are available to use them on your pictures to get more likes and followers. In addition, liking and commenting on other users’ pictures also adds a social aspect to Instagram, which makes others want to follow you because you are viewed as part of their community.

Commenting can be an important strategy here, and the more you comment on other posts, the higher your chances are of being followed back. Each comment that contains a mention (@username) you can count as two comments because they might show up as two different notifications.

One final bit of advice on commenting: It goes without saying, but make sure that your comments are authentic and you show genuine interest in the creator and their content. When you comment, the Instagram user as well as their followers will read your comments, so you want to improve your chances of getting people to follow you through your thoughtful comments.

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Master Your Craft

Once you’ve gotten a good feel for the content of influencers, trending hashtags, and engagement, it’s time to become more proficient as a content creator and community leader yourself.

Step 4: Take Good Quality Photos

One of the first steps towards becoming Instagram famous is taking good-quality photos.

There are a few different approaches you can take here:

  • Use your smartphone and use various photo editing apps to make it look as professional as possible
  • Hire someone to follow you around and take professional pictures for you
  • Invest in a high-quality camera and learning the skill of photography

If you really want to become Instagram famous, we recommend having professional photography out of the gate as a key differentiator.

This means investing time and money into purchasing a high-quality camera as well as setting up an ideal setting for your photos. Taking professional photographs can be expensive, but with a bit of research, one can find good-quality cameras for a fairly low price. The benefit of taking professional-looking photos is that you will look more credible as an Instagram influencer. Your audience will be more likely to trust your recommendations when they appear to be coming from someone who knows what they are talking about. Here are some tips for making great shots:

a)     Think about lighting – if your photo is too dark or too bright, then nobody will engage with it, so always think about how light can change anything from moods to feelings

b)     Zoom in on a subject – sometimes pictures are just too confusing to people, and only when they zoom into it will they be able to appreciate how great it is

c)     Take risks – if you always take the same picture, people will get bored and stop checking out your pictures, so try taking a risk by trying something new

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Step 5: Optimize Photos with Filters and Editing Apps

Step 5: Optimize Photos with Filters and Editing Apps

Good Photoshop skills can also help improve the appearance of one’s pictures on Instagram by applying filters and other editing apps onto their images. This step requires research into finding the best photo-editing apps, such as Instagram’s own editing features or apps such as VSCO or Afterlight, that will allow for the maximum quality for the least amount of money spent on them. Whether you choose to use Instagram’s editing features or another photo-editing app, it is important for your photos to look aesthetically pleasing in order to attract more people.

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Step 6: Compose a Catchy Caption

The next step to becoming Instagram famous is composing a catchy caption that will make people want to click on and interact with your photos. This step requires planning; it may even require research into what makes the most popular captions so popular. For example, many of today’s most successful Instagram influencers use humor in their posts, giving them an entertaining edge over other social media users. Hence, reflective thought and consideration should be placed into writing a captivating description for one’s pictures because this factor will determine whether or not someone chooses to follow you.

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Step 7: Write Engaging Post Descriptions

Step 7: Write Engaging Post Descriptions

Note that you want to stand out as an original. This means that you don’t want to just copy the text from your favorite Instagram posts. You should be able to recognize and appreciate good quality posts without even having a person’s account fully visible. Your feed should look like it is curated by an enthusiast, as opposed to someone who simply downloads pictures they find online in order to gain a following. If you struggle to create good post descriptions, perhaps you may need to consider the creative help of professional writing services. They will not only help you create good post descriptions but also give you relevant suggestions when necessary on how to improve the quality of your content. Even if you don’t want to outsource your writing, you might want to consider using proofreading services to make sure that your English is on par, especially if it is not your native language.

Step 8: Strategically Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags can also do wonders when it comes to getting yourself noticed by others. Just make sure that you choose relevant ones rather than just putting any random ones like #Smile4me if you were trying to put up photos of yourself smiling because the odds are good another person isn’t going to follow you if you don’t; fit the bill!

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Step 9: Go Beyond Instagram Photos

Step 9: Go Beyond Instagram Photos

Instagram themselves have said that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing application, so while Instagram influencers of the past might have yielded influence strictly through creative photos, today’s influencers are becoming Instagram famous through Reels, Stories, and IGTV. There has never been a better time to go video. with your content creation!

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Step 10: Engage Your Audience

In order to become Instagram famous, one must engage their audience by asking them questions and responding to their comments. This step is important because it will show your audience that you are a real person worth following by posting interesting content as well as conveying a personality in the captions of one’s images. Personalities appeal to people, which is why many social media influencers go viral on Instagram through the use of memes or humorous posts. There are thousands of other users who have done this successfully, so there is no reason why you cannot either!

Instagram Stories and all of their interactive stickers are your best bet here!

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Don’t Limit Yourself to Instagram

This might seem counter-intuitive, but there are things you can do outside of Instagram that can help you become more Instagram famous.

Step 9: Go Beyond Instagram Photos

In order to show that you are trustworthy, be sure to link your Instagram profile to all of your other social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook in the “About” section of your profile. This will show people that you are connected with them through other forms of social media, which increases viewer confidence in how they view you.

Step 12: Utilize Social Media Sites

Posting images on Instagram isn’t enough. If you really want people to sit up and take an interest in your profile, then you must reach out and engage with other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter in order to bring attention back onto activity on Facebook by linking specific posts to Instagram. This is not to say that you should begin spamming everyone with your photos, but rather share the ones that will interest them and eventually lead them back to your Instagram account.

How Long Does It Take to Become Instagram Famous?

There isn’t a specified amount of time you need to be Instagram famous.  Basically, it depends on how much time and effort you put into your Instagram profile every day.

However, the more hashtags that you use to tag your pictures under, and the more posts you make during the day, as well as how often they are liked and commented on by other users, will, in turn, lead to faster increase in followers. It is also important that you understand your audience and the times they’re likely to log in so that you can maximize the amount of exposure your profile is getting.

If you target a younger audience, it would help to make your posts in the mornings or early afternoons. As for older audiences, it would be a better idea to post your pictures during the later hours of the day after they finish work.

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As with any other social media site, having friends on Instagram is just as important so don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to people! In fact, simply commenting with a “hi” and asking how they are doing could lead to an entire conversation that could end up leading someone else back onto Instagram in order to follow you as well! However, in general, most Instagram accounts begin to gain a few followers within the first week, and from there, it begins to build upon itself exponentially so that by the end of a few months, you might be able to gain up to a few hundred new followers each month if you follow all of the above advice.

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What Are Some of the Benefits of Becoming Instagram Famous?

Being Instagram famous is a chance for people who share interests, whether they be musical, cultural, or otherwise, to find others with similar interest through a social media site where everyone can see what everyone else likes without having to go around asking everyone one at a time while limiting their own personal information on Facebook or Twitter accounts. People also like sharing their photos and videos that could be seen by more and more people. Really, it’s an excellent way to put yourself out there to not only make new friends but also for opportunities you can exploit.

Some of the immediate opportunities that you might find are offers from various brands that want to reach your community. Brands might offer you free product, pay for you to post something, or even invite you to create content for them.

In addition, being Instagram famous can open up opportunities for jobs in the entertainment industry or celebrity worlds such as behind cameras and writing scripts where social media is a key part of getting noticed by others. Just think about it: So many of our favorite celebrities today were discovered not just because they’ve been acting all their lives but also due to how large their followings are!

The list of benefits goes on and on, so what are you waiting for?

Are You Ready to Become Instagram Famous?

To become Instagram famous, you need to have a large following who are interested in the kind of pictures, videos, Stories, and Reels that you post. Know how and when to use popular hashtags, be well-connected on other social media sites by posting on Facebook and Twitter about your posts on Instagram, and follow people with large followings as well as like and comment on their pictures. Do not forget to stay updated with what is currently trending within the community but avoid spamming everyone with the same content. Tag relevant friends in your posts to increase engagement and finally add calls to action into each post!

We covered a lot in this post, but hopefully you now understand the hard work it is to become Instagram famous! If you have any other advice to add, please do so in the comments!

This is a post contributed from one of my marketing partners.

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