15 AI Video Enhancer Tools to Improve Your Videos

15 AI Video Enhancer Tools to Improve Your Videos

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AI video enhancing tools are a fantastic option for any business wanting to produce the highest quality video content that they can. The software provides enormous value to bigger blogs and social media influencers who want to simplify their content creation process. In this article, I’ll go through the best programs within this category and explain what makes them worthy of your attention.

What is AI Video Enhancing?

As you can guess by the name, enhancing is a process of increasing video quality. During the process, video content creators make various alterations to media, such as removing blurs, addressing shaking cameras, making color adjustments, and improving low-resolution footage. 

These programs can perform motion interpolation, deinterlacing, denoising, and change frame rates, bringing about enhanced video quality. Many of them feature stock libraries with numerous elements that will boost the visual experience for users. You can also improve the original video through auto-subtitles. 

Basically, video upscaler tools rely on deep learning to assess this type of media. They can detect missing pixels and introduce enhancements that would boost overall content quality. This makes them a great solution for small and large businesses that want to update their posts and make them more enticing for users.

Why is Video Enhancing Important?

Similar to Google, YouTube has advanced algorithms that can track user engagement. The social media platform uses metrics like click-through rates and watch time to suggest digital videos to users. Because of that, you should not only use super – resolution but also small tricks that would provoke users into clicking on thumbnails. 

As you can presume, blurry videos usually have lower engagement than high-quality content. Even if people click on your post, they will be quickly dissuaded after seeing the low-resolution video. YouTube will take note of that and will stop recommending the piece to others.

Using video upscaling tools can also have a positive impact on your blog. By embedding high-quality content on the site, you can ensure better engagement and visual experience. Furthermore, improving low-res videos will also showcase your business in a much better light, which can boost other marketing efforts.

How to Use These AI Video Enhancer Tools

Video enhancer tools can be used for all sorts of professional projects. As a marketer, you can use AI-powered tools for the following:

  • Improving explainers and other landing page videos
  • Improving product demonstration videos
  • Enhancing social media content
  • Enhancing videos embedded in your articles 
  • Improving training content 
  • Improving podcast quality 

By improving the quality of videos across the board, you can showcase your company as a reputable, serious brand. Besides boosting your website and social media conversions, HD videos can also scale your followership. Upscaled videos are more likely to go viral and turn heads toward your brand.

The best thing about these video enhancement tools is that most of them come with batch processing. Even if you have a massive content library, you can easily upscale videos simultaneously, add color enhancements and slow-motion effects, and reduce processing time.

15 AI Video Enhancer Tools

Powerful video quality enhancers can turn low-pixel videos into professional-looking digital footage by changing the aspect ratio and using video stabilizer and video denoiser technology. These are the 15 best programs that will turn your old media into high-quality videos:

1. Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI

For many, Topaz Video AI is the first software they think of when we mention artificial intelligence video editors. The tool comes with numerous advanced features such as slow motion effects, FPS boosting, AI deshaking, denoising, deinterlacing, and sharpening. Topaz Video AI also comes with a user-friendly interface, making it a perfect solution for beginners.

Topaz Labs is especially great for video creators who work with bulk content. It uses NVIDIA neural networks to process hundreds of videos and introduce super resolution. You can use it for any type of content under the sun, including your classic film collection, short TikTok and Instagram clips, video game clips, and raw footage. 

When talking about software’s pros, its main selling point has to be the fact it preserves natural motion. The new video footage will resemble the original content, albeit with a much higher video resolution. As for its drawbacks, I have to mention slow processing time and hefty hardware requirements. Still, Topaz VIdeo AI is more than worth a subscription. 

2. AVCLabs AI


AVCLabs Video tool is a versatile program that works for just about any type of content. Aside from your generic promotional videos, it also generates fantastic outputs for landscapes, popular movies, anime, black-and-white content, and pixelated video footage. This pro-level video editing software also does a great job with faces.

Like many video quality enhancer tools from this list, AVCLabs Video can stutter when you use advanced modes. The performance is also affected by your PC configuration. Nevertheless, due to super resolution boost and intuitive interface, it’s one of the best solutions for your company. Flexible format support is especially great for teams that work on various projects and clients.

3. HitPaw


HitPaw is another software that can upscale video quality but also modify posts in other ways. The product is perfect for marketers looking for a single solution for their entire content workflow. Aside from a file converter, the platform also comes with numerous traditional video editing features, a screen recorder, and an object remover.

With this program, you can remove background noise, upscale video resolution, and sharpen and enlarge your content. The software can perform automatic deep-learning video enhancements with minimal human involvement. It also comes with GPU acceleration that can significantly reduce processing time for both cheap and expensive hardware. 

4. Pixop


Pixop is among the most advanced tools for integrating into your marketing workflow. In fact, the company works with third-party providers who use the same advanced technologies for mutual clients. That way, business owners don’t have to waste their valuable time learning about pro-level video upscalers. Instead, they can simply outsource a provider to do all the heavy lifting.

Besides basic video editing tools for beginners and advanced users, Pixop also uses well-trained AI algorithms to predict your needs. The program can turn any low-quality video into a small masterpiece by using a wide range of artificial intelligence features like color corrections, audio corrections, lens corrections, video denoise, and more.

5. DVDFab


If you’re looking for an all-in-one video platform, DVDFab should be at the top of your purchasing list. The AI-powered tool started as a conversion program, allowing users to switch between different formats and grab media from the internet. The best thing yet is that there’s a negligible drop-off in quality as you turn content from one file to another.

Recently, the company has also added artificial intelligence functionality, now serving as a comprehensive video enhancer AI platform. You can use it to modify your blurry and shaky videos, adding a professional touch to just about any visual media. While DVDFab doesn’t provide the same upscaling benefits as other entries on the list, it’s still one of the most complete professional video editors on the market.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro might be the most comprehensive platform on the list, turning any unwanted video into a repurposable post for your business. With it, you can use amateurish clips and turn them into instant movies, training videos, explainers, and social media posts. You can also use it to convert files into various formats and spread them across the company’s marketing channels.

Its AI-powered video quality enhancer is ranked among the best in business. My favorite thing about it is the advanced color correction tools, which allow you to even out your style throughout a clip. The auto-tone feature is also worth a shoutout, ensuring that your background audio noise is up to snuff.

7. Veed


If you’re looking to upscale videos, you should definitely consider getting a professional video editing suite like Veed. Although the video enhancer has a somewhat steep learning curve for beginners, it is well-suited for all major streaming platforms. By maximizing its polished features, you will experience an increase in customer retention. 

As one of the fastest video editors on the market, Veed can enhance visual quality in a blink of an eye. The software can introduce a super-resolution to your lower-resolution videos, enhance facial details, fix shaky videos, perform color adjustments, and utilize state-of-the-art motion tracking. On top of that, you can use the software to record your screen and create tutorials for beginners, product demos, and other real-time footage. 

The platform also includes a Chat GPT algorithm vital for scripting videos. In other words, besides improving video effects, you can use its language learning model to create comprehensive scripts, add subtitles, and perform other textual edits. Through its AI-powered algorithms and deep learning techniques, you can experience faster business development and an increase in revenue. 

8. Wondershare Filmora

wondershare filmorea

Every video expert would love having Wondershare Filmora as a part of their toolbox. The AI-powered tool can streamline every part of your content production, including text, thumbnail, and music generation, as well as video editing. Even better, the video enhancer provides similar results whether you’re using cheap or expensive hardware. 

The software comes with a large library of templates that would help you streamline the content creation process. By going through video profile settings, users can quickly adjust media for different sites, which can be a major time-saver for entrepreneurs who use multiple channels. Wondershare Filmora also has powerful functions that allow you to change the maximum video size, introduce new color correction effects, and fix blurry or shaky videos. 

Once you’re done editing, you can check the results within the split preview window. That way, you can be certain that the aspect ratio is suitable for a particular platform and that the visual quality is up to snuff. 

9. iSize


Incredibly popular among photographers, streamers, and marketers. The software’s main selling point is the live precoding feature that works before encoding. That way, you can process and enhance all your content in advance without having to undergo a slow and, sometimes, painful post-editing. 

Another major perk of this tool is that it allows you to use just about any format, whether we’re talking about files or content types. You can even use your old, beloved video content and freshen it up with automatic video stabilization, video colorizer, and other features. 

PowerDirector screenshot

Aside from its super – resolution enhancements, PowerDirector fixes a shaky video, performs color adjustments, adds titles and transitions, and blends different elements together.  You can also utilize auto tone and auto white features to enhance low-quality video without investing too much valuable time. 

What I love about this AI-powered tool is its upscaling algorithm. You can turn lousy posts into high-quality content by using AI audio recording and editing, generating stickers, images, and subtitles, removing backgrounds, and introducing AI body effects. You also have access to traditional editing features, such as cutting, cropping, transitions, and modifying speed. 

11. Cutout.Pro


Besides having unique functions that allow you to upscale videos, this feature-packed video enhancer can also remove background objects, turn drawings into animated content, and cut out various elements. The thing I especially like about the platform is the AI art generator that can create perfect images for your marketing campaigns.

Its quicky-learning algorithms can track down any imperfections within the media. For example, the software can change colors over time with adjustments, perform haze corrections, and introduce numerous color effects. Although more focused on images than videos, Cutout.Pro can also be utilized as a dedicated video upscaler for different-sized businesses. 

12. Movavi


Movavi Video Converter is another older tool on the list that has started tinkering with artificial intelligence as of late. The software uses AI to remove background and noise, and to track motions on the screen. It also comes with numerous filters and transitions that would allow you to streamline daily content production.

The stand-alone video editor is fantastic for newbies and works under a drag-and-drop premise. The video upscaler also has a screen recorder and converters that can assist when working with media uploaded online. With this AI-powered tool, you can easily process thousands of videos by enhancing facial details, adding stickers, and introducing other finer details. 

13. Lightworks

Lightworks video enhancer

This AI-powered video upscaler allows you to perform various enhancements and create media from scratch. The software works with any visual quality and format, performing adjustments in the background as you work. Another thing worth praising is Lightwork’s simplistic drag-and-drop interface that makes your creative processes a breeze. 

The AI-powered tool gives you a lot of freedom by creating customizable layouts. HDR workflows make it easier to adjust colors, while the video mask effects can provide a unique feeling to your media. Although the software initially had an unintuitive interface, they’ve recently made massive changes to improve its quality for beginners and experts alike. 

14. Pikavue

YouTube video

Whether you’re looking to polish facial details, improve background hue, or generate new elements, Pikavue has all the tools and features for boosting the visual quality of your posts. Its video enhancer AI is perfect for low-quality videos, making automatic adjustments without human assistance. Because of that, I can safely recommend Pikavue for newbie content creators.

The software’s algorithm learns from previous experiences, ensuring better and better content over time. I also love the fact that Pikavue can reduce videos’ network bandwidth while also allowing you to mask the faces of people in the post. Besides turning low-quality videos into high-quality content, the software can rotate the camera 360 degrees and stream in real-time. 

15. Video 2x


The best way to budget upscale videos is by using apps like Video2x. The thing that separates this powerful software from the rest is that it’s completely free and open-source. Even if you have limited technical knowledge, you can easily benefit from some of its key features.

Aside from being an excellent upscaler for beginners, Video2x also offers a reasonable output quality. Unfortunately, the program has rather high requirements, so using it for bulk content can be tedious. It also doesn’t have a wide array of effects and features like other tools, which is why many advanced users might prefer other solutions with cutting-edge technology.

To get the most experimental video upscaling tool, I suggest you get expensive hardware that will streamline the production. The software works with just about any popular video style, including anime, cartoon, and CGI. 


Truth be told, there are many automatic and manual video enhancement tools that are worth your attention. Most of these platforms were previously multimedia editing software that added AI functionality over time. Nowadays, they simplify the content creation process by making instant adjustments to your files.

When choosing the program for your company, I suggest you start by analyzing the most important features, such as audio and color enhancements. You also need to check the quality of fine details, for example, how the tool handles facial details. It’s also not a bad idea to run a few tests between programs and see which ones provide the best outputs.

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