20 Instagram Apps to Create Perfect Business Instagram Graphics

14 Instagram Apps to Create Perfect Business Instagram Graphics

Are you using Instagram graphics to help market your business?

Would you like to create branded images that boost awareness around your company simply by using apps to add graphics to photos?

Creating the perfect Instagram graphics doesn’t mean you have to be a graphic designer or photographer, especially when you have the right tools.

But with an abundance of Instagram apps at your fingertips, how do you know which one to choose to help create the perfect Instagram graphics?

I’ve tested and tried just about every app out there. I’m sharing my favorites so you can take the guesswork out of your next Instagram app download.

Below are 14 Instagram applications designed to help you make the most out of your Instagram graphics!

1. Aviary


With Aviary, you can make attractive images in seconds. Their easy to use interface makes touch up and filtering a breeze. Plus, add frames or stickers to your image all in this one app.

This is a simple and easy to use tool for both iOS and Google Play that allows you to create frames, add new effects and just customize your Instagram image immediately.

2. LensFlare

Lens Flare is a professional tool that allows you to enhance the power of your phones built in editor with the help of some unique and impressive effects.

As a fan of Photoshop, I appreciate that this premium app offers similar functionality.

3. Pixite (Former Tangent)

Pixite is a great app for those that want to remove the monotony from their Instagram feed and instead use numerous patterns and shapes to create one of a kind images.

With Pixite, you can easily transform your boring photos into one-of-a-kind work of art. You have 44 unique shapes to choose from and a 66 patterns to add as overlays.

Combine with shapes, scale, rotate and position at will. Colorize your creations with a huge palette to choose from including many popular blend modes for layering.

4. Superimpose

Want to combine two pictures into one? You can with Superimpose! Easily blend or juxtaposed images in just the tap of the button.

Here is how it works:

  1. Load a background image.
  2. Load a foreground image.
  3. Mask out unwanted portion of the foreground image using wide range of masking tools.
  4. Smoothen the edges with smoothen tool inside the app, if required.
  5. Move, Scale, Resize, Rotate, Flip the foreground to place it on the right location on the background image.
  6. Adjust the colors/exposure/contrast/hue/saturation etc. of the foreground and the background images if required to match both the images in terms of colors.
  7. You are done! Save it to the photo library at full resolution or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Average Camera Pro

With Average Camera Pro, you  can shoot your pictures — even in darker situations — and create a stunning Instagram pic.

6. LensLight

LensLight is a premium app that lets you play with the lighting. Love bokeh? You can get that effect in a split second with LensLight.

There are multiple lighting effects to choose from, including:

  • Bokeh
  • LensFlares
  • Light Leaks
  • Spotlights
  • Rainbow Effects

7. Vintagio

Vintagio is similar to the aforementioned app, although this one brings a sepia effect similar to the 1970’s. It reminds me of the pictures my parents took many years ago!

8. Cross Process

Cross Process is a neat little app in its simple functionality.  If you like more contrast in your photos, but don’t enjoy finding that perfect look – Cross Process is for you.

Use the Cross Process filters to mimic the look of the old school Polaroid cameras we all know and love.

9. PicFrame

Have you ever wanted to combine several photos into one, but couldn’t find the right app? Well, now you have. it!

With PicFrame, you have the ability to combine two or more images one single frame.


10. Facetune

This might be my favorite app on this list. Why? Because who doesn’t want to smooth fine lines and wrinkles or clear up that unsightly blemish?

With Facetune, you can “tune” up those close-up shots in no time!

11. Tiny Planet

Looking for something completely different? Look no further than Tiny Planet.

Tiny Planet transforms your image into — what else? — a tiny planet.

12. Bokehful

If you said “more Bokeh” when I mentioned the app above, then Bokehful will be your new best friend.


13. Snapseed

Snapseed has been my go-to photo editing app for a long time. With Snapseed, you can customize the look of your photo with many custom elements.

This may be a more advanced app initially, but it’s well worth the learning curve.

14. Afterlight

I’m a big fan of Afterlight’s simple and clean design.  I am in no way a professional photographer, but I do live in a house with professional photographers.

When they appreciate (and even celebrate)  photo editing app, I know I’ve found gold!

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Final Thoughts on Instagram Graphics

As you can see, there are numerous applications that you can use to make the best Instagram graphics for your business.

No matter which you one you choose, each of these apps will let you customize the look and feel of each image, creating a seamless brand experience your followers will appreciate and enjoy!

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Instagram Graphics FAQs

How do you make graphics on Instagram?

Instagram does not have a feature yet where users can create graphics on the app. If you want to create graphics you need to use graphic maker tools separately. There are free and paid apps that have layouts and templates according to the graphic type you need to create. They also have icons and images you can use in creating informational graphics.

Do graphics perform well on Instagram?

Yes, graphics perform well on Instagram. Hence, the main reason why you should create infographic designs especially if your target audience is millennials. It is proven that Millennials predominately share visual content than other content forms because it is easy to relate to and digest. When creating graphics, it is important to create simple, eye-catching visuals that are informative and engaging.

How can I get free social media graphics?

There are no free social media graphics, however, you can create one. There are free infographics and graphics make tools available on the internet that you can try. Some of them have templates and layouts and other functionalities that are readily available for users to edit and change some details. There are also paid apps that offer premium stock images and layouts that help in creating professional designs.

How do you get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

In reality, it is impossible to get 1,000 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes unless you or your posts have gone viral. This may cause your followers to instantly increase but if that’s not the case, it won’t happen. Other people use applications that promise them to gain instant followers but it is not recommendable. Having fake followers especially as an influencer, will not help you.

What type of Instagram accounts get the most followers?

There is not a “specific” account type that typically gets more followers. Based on Statista’s list of most-followed Instagram accounts worldwide as of February 2021, most of the accounts on the list are celebrities. Disregarding Instagram’s account itself, the most followed person on the platform is Cristiano Ronaldo with 388.94 million followers followed by Ariana Grande with 271.24 million followers.

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  2. Yes, cool list of apps, but I don’t understand how to upload these pictures to Instagram?

  3. I love Instagram for phone snapped images. But for work I hate it. If I have to post sth, it’s Canva I use, but the fact that I need to send the image to my phone in order to post it feels medieval. Maybe I am not aware that there is a way around it.

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