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The 15 Best TikTok Watermark Remover Websites and Apps for 2024

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As TikTok has become more popular, its use in business has rapidly increased. And despite recent controversies about the security of TikTok, for now, at least, this platform is a great way to reach out to your audiences. Besides this, a lot of people consider it a fun, mindless place to spend some time.

However, from a content creation standpoint, TikTok does have a major drawback — a brand watermark that is automatically placed on each video. While this is a nice way for them to market their brand, there are several reasons why keeping the watermark in your video may not be advantageous. In this case, you may want to try one of the Watermark remover websites in this article.

Why Would You Want to Remove the TikTok Watermark from Your Video?

One of the great things about this platform is that for short-form videos, TikTok might be the best video creation app. It’s easy to use, simply by clicking the plus sign in your dashboard and then recording footage with your cell phone. And while the results can be more or less professional depending on your skill level, there are some basic editing features available.

Because the content creation features are so good, you might want to use the app you created on TikTok and share it on other short-form video social media sites such as Instagram (Reels) and YouTube (Shorts). However, this comes with the price of having your footage promoting TikTok wherever you post it. And if you’re producing branded content, the watermark can compete with a logo or other branded features.

Furthermore, many believe that other social networks want to avoid TikTok content on their platform because the watermark promotes TikTok. These watermarks have likely contributed to the explosive growth of this platform, which in turn is giving more established networks a run for their money.

The dislike of TikTok branding on other platforms is why you might get better results in other social media algorithms when you remove the TikTok watermark before sharing.

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Can You Remove the TikTok Watermark from a Video?

Removing the TikTok watermark is possible, but it’s not as easy as you might hope. If you try to save a published TikTok video as a live photo to your camera roll on your phone and then save it as a video, a small TikTok logo will still be visible. Then, without any more effort, this Watermark will follow the video no matter where it is shared.

Fortunately, it’s possible to remove the TikTok Watermark if you know how and if you have the right tools. This article will look at the various ways in which you can remove the TikTok watermark. You can do it manually or by using a TikTok Watermark remover as appropriate.

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5 Manual Ways of Removing the TikTok Watermark

While not perfect, there are a few ways in which you can manually remove the watermark. Manual removal is often advantageous because it doesn’t require you to add any apps to your phone, navigate to another website, or download a computer program.

1. Save Your Video Before You Add TikTok Features

The first alternative to using a TikTok Watermark remover is a type of workaround. In a nutshell, what you’re doing is re-recording the video so that it’s slightly different from the original. This effectively crowds out the TikTok Watermark.

Here’s how to do it:

  • When creating the video in TikTok, when you are happy with the video part, click on Add Sound.
  • You can then expand the video to take up the entire phone screen.
  • You can then use the native screen recorder on your phone to record the video over again. This approach creates a new file.
  • The advantage of recording it this way is that you can save it before adding TikTok sounds which might go against copyright rules on other social network platforms. Plus, the vertically-recorded footage is very versatile.

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2. Zoom and Crop Out the Watermark

Another alternative is to zoom in on your video to remove the watermark. In this case, you will implement the strategy after, such as adding special effects or sound. It’s a lot like cropping a photo that’s already been retouched.

This technique is very simple. After saving the video to your camera roll, zoom in, so you don’t see the watermark and crop it. However, you must be careful to take out only a little. You’ll need to make sure that important elements of your video are not cropped out!

3. Blur Out the Watermark

if you already have some editing tools on your computer or smartphone, this one may be for you. Use a video editor blurring tool to blur out the section where the watermark exists. You can keep everything else. Just make sure that the editing is not too obvious. You might even be able to insert your own branding or logo over the place where you blurred out the watermark. This could look very natural.

4. Add a Border to Cover Up the Watermark

Here’s another very simple technique. Since the TikTok watermark always appears on the edge of the videos, you can add a border using a video editing app so that it doesn’t appear anymore. Once again, any basic video editing app

5. Use a Dedicated App on Your PC or Smartphone

If you don’t want to waste your time doing the manual methods above, there are several websites and apps that will remove the TikTok watermark for you that we will cover in this article.

Note that all work to various degrees of success, but there are no guarantees that they will still work. Furthermore, many believe that even if a watermark is removed, there is probably invisible metadata included in the video file which would indicate to other social networks that the video came from TikTok. Larger brands with IT departments might be able to check this. However, it may be difficult to remove that metadata, so removing the watermark might be as far as you go for repurposing.

Also, please remember that if you are using music from the TikTok library, it might violate copyrights on other social media platforms. You could crosscheck with approved databases on the other platforms or see if you have the rights from other sources. To be safe, though, consider adding new sounds after you’ve removed the watermark.

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How Can I Remove the TikTok Watermark from a PC?

If you are editing videos on a PC computer, use one of the following TikTok Watermark Remover Apps! Most of these are easy to use, and they typically produce good results. However, like any other app, they have different features, prices, and specifications. Let’s look at a few of these.



Media.io is a video editing application that’s web-based. In particular, the developers advertise that you can remove ugly backgrounds and other unwanted elements. This means you won’t need a green screen.

The TikTok Watermark remover in this application is a free feature. To use it, upload the video file to the website. Use the crop, then download your watermark-free video. It’s that easy. You don’t have the downsides of the workarounds we discussed above, either.



This one works as you download a TikTok video rather than having you upload it. For this reason, SSSTIK can be used as a TikTok Watermark remover whether you have the file or not. In addition, the tool is significant because you can use it with a desktop browser, an Android phone, or even iOS. In other words, it’s an all-around tool you can use across your devices.

To use on a desktop, you must first obtain the link for your TikTok video. Then, you will paste the link into their text box and click download. You’ll get an MP4 video file without the watermark. This is actually a good method if some of your video files are no longer available and you’d like new ones.



Another TikTok Watermark remover works by downloading your target file and removing the watermark at the same time. Once again, you’ll get an MP4 file as the final product and start with the download link placed in the text box.

There is also an Android app available from Google Play, but you don’t need to use it even on an android phone.



Once again, this TikTok Watermark remover works with the download that you start with a link pasted into the webpage. However, there’s an important difference with this one — unlike the other competitors, you can download a TikTok song as an MP3. It’s a nice way to sample music from around the world, so long as you don’t break copyright law.

This one only works from a web browser.



Politically, downloading a TikTok video to remove the watermark is popular. Once again, you will locate the TikTok Video link and then paste it into the webpage. You can also select a different page on the same site and download an MP3 file.

What makes this TikTok Watermark remover unique is that it can also handle Douyin links. You can even install a browser extension to help you get those downloads faster. Need to download something else? The same website has links to a downloader for Instagram Reels and Instagram stories. And finally, there’s an Android app.



HitPaw works similarly to any other TikTok Watermark remover that downloads the file. Like the others, you’ll find the URL and then paste it into your browser. However, with HitPaw you don’t necessarily get an MP4 file. Also, this is a freemium program, so you don’t get to have as many downloads as you want unless you buy the full version. With the full version, you get a wide variety of other video editing functionalities though, so there’s some value.



This TikTok Watermark remover is different because you don’t automatically download the finished product. Instead, you search for the URL of your chosen video, then the website. This conversion is without a TikTok Watermark. Once the conversion is finished, you get a QR code that you can scan to download the video. There’s also an Android app that you can download.

It will be interesting to see if using a QR code is an effective way to download videos onto an Apple device since some iOS versions limit downloading.

How can I Remove the TikTok Watermark on an iPhone?

Use one of the following TikTok Watermark Remover Apps! Because of Apple’s privacy and security changes, downloading any type of video or music onto an iPhone is more difficult than it used to be. In fact, a lot of the apps we discussed above mentioned this on their websites. However, the industry has responded to Apple’s challenges by developing new apps. Let’s take a look at some of them.

SnapTik + Video Saver Pro

SnapTik + Video Saver Pro

I’ve talked a lot about social media dashboards, and this TikTok Watermark remover is part of one. There are several things that are unique about it. For one thing, you get a full complement of TikTok-specific analytics, scheduling, and other tools. One of these is the ability to create TikTok videos that already don’t have a watermark on them. You also get the ability to share a TikTok video without its Watermark.

However, from our standpoint, the most important aspect of this tool is that it doesn’t involve downloading the file at all. Instead, the app shares link to your watermark-free videos. Depending on what features you want, you can get a paid subscription. Overall it’s very versatile.

TikPro : Save Tictok Videos

TikPro : Save Tictok Videos

Like most TikTok Watermark remover Apps, TikPro is only focused on making alterations to the video. However, it does more than remove the watermark. Instead, you get a complete tool that lets you share TikTok videos also on the web without leaving the watermark in place. You can also upload videos to TikTok without its having a watermark in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s not clear from the developers how this app works.



Unfortunately, SaveTok doesn’t allow you to download videos either. Part of this has to do with the Apple policies that make downloading difficult. However, there might also be concerns about intellectual property and TikTok’s terms of service.

But let’s not focus on what you can’t do with SaveTok. The biggest functionality that it has is allowing you to create and share playlists of TikTok videos, and the recipient of your sharing doesn’t need to have the app installed. Additionally, you can watch the videos in slow motion, find out what music the creator’s using, and more. Get the most out of SaveTok with a premium subscription.

SaveTik: Save Tick Tock Video

SaveTik: Save Tick Tock Video

If you want both the ability to repost a TikTok video without the watermark and a chance to edit the videos before reposting, read on. With this app, you can save and bookmark TikTok videos. Then, you can make changes to the videos within the app, and repost them on TikTok. You can remove multiple watermarks, create a GIF, swap out the filters, and more. In other words, this is great for creating derivative works.

How can I Remove the TikTok Watermark on an Android?

Use one of the following TikTok Watermark Remover Apps! These days, Android is distinguishing itself from iOS by being more flexible in how you can use the devices. Certainly, there are concerns with privacy, but as the last few years have taught us, sometimes you need to make a trade-off.

One important thing to note is that TikTok technically doesn’t allow you to download videos onto a mobile device. However, it’s easy to do this with a computer, especially if you use a third-party app. With all of that in mind, here are some TikTok watermark remover options for Android users.

Remove & Add Watermark

Remove & Add Watermark

This is a TikTok Watermark remover that can be used on any video type. It’s not limited to TikTok, and the developer doesn’t even mention TikTok. About the only requirement is that the video has to be an MP4 format or something that quickly converts to MP4.

We only have screenshots of the app, so it’s hard to know exactly how it works. However, it looks like you draw a circle around the unwanted watermark and then direct the program to delete the unwanted logo.

Also, the developers comment that you can add any logo to the video before sharing it. For that reason, this TikTok Watermark remover would be great if you wish to share the same branded content on multiple platforms. Just add your choice of branding.

Remove Watermark, Easy Retouch

Remove Watermark, Easy Retouch

Once again, we have a general video editing app and not just a TikTok Watermark remover. With this tool, you can remove unwanted video elements literally with the swipe of a finger. The app contains a brush and other pointers to help you edit videos with precision.

Removing unwanted items from the video is not limited to watermark logos. Rather, you can do classic retouching operations, such as removing intrusive telephone wires or a bad case of acne. This way, you can take videos and make them more professional before reposting them. When you consider that TikTok has a very different video culture from other platforms, that could really come in handy. Besides, it keeps people guessing whether or not you’re simply reposting or if it’s something new.

Remove Logo From Video

Remove Logo From Video

Among the Android apps, this TikTok watermark remover is unique because it can help you record videos. In other words, you don’t even need to add existing footage to the app. However, you can also use this to edit existing videos, such as TikTok content.

Interestingly, despite the ability to record video, you don’t get any other video editing tools. That’s because the remove logo app does its job through video cropping, similar to the alternative methods we discussed above.

Maybe this is less surprising when you consider that the app was first released in 2015 before TikTok was even a thing in North America. In other words, it was first used for other video types.

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One of the less desirable features of TikTok is that it adds a watermark to almost everything you post. And while this helps promote their product, watermarks can hold your video back on other platforms. Fortunately, if you want to use a TikTok video elsewhere then there are options. Both workarounds and a TikTok watermark remover can help you transform a them-branded video into a you-branded video. Best of all, people can enjoy the video without thinking about any brand but yours.

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