Shopify Apps: The Definitive 25 You Need to Know

Shopify Apps: The Definitive 25 You Need to Know

If you’re in ecommerce you’re probably running your store on Shopify. And if you are on Shopify, you know that you need a plethora of Shopify apps to run a successful online store. These tools can simplify your operational processes, enhance payment processing, improve content and technical elements, and boost design. Basically, they can introduce various small tweaks that can ensure higher conversions and better user experience. 

What are Shopify Apps?

With these apps, you can significantly increase the platform’s functionality. For example, you can use them to run a Shopify email campaign, improve performance in search engines, allow user-generated content, and, overall, boost your sales numbers. As such, they can be of great assistance to your marketing and sales team. 

The fantastic thing about them is that they’re readily available within the Shopify app store. Many apps are free or have a free plan, so you won’t incur additional costs. Nonetheless, you still need to be careful when choosing the right set of platforms, as some of them can be rather expensive and even redundant. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular Shopify apps broken down by function to allow you to find the best tool for your needs.

Email Marketing Shopify Apps

With the right email marketing app, you can significantly boost lead generation from external sources. These digital products simplify and automate your communication with potential customers while also increasing the retention of previous buyers. 

1. Omnisend


Like other entries in this category, Omnisend is a perfect solution for generating leads and turning one-time clients into loyal customers. Besides emails, you can use this product to send shipping notifications, SMS, and other push notifications, as well as create pop-ups and other forms for your eCommerce shop.

Omnisend comes with an extensive analytics and reporting feature that helps you track funnel performance, customer retention, and conversion. Another key feature is segmentation, which can be used to split visitors into groups. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning marketing automation for creating workflows. 

2. Klaviyo


One of the best ways to run a Shopify email campaign is by relying on Klaviyo. This marketing platform allows you to integrate with other powerful tools for added functionality. Similar to Omnisend, Klaviyo can split audiences into groups and generate customized templates to ensure maximum conversions.

The thing I especially like about this platform is its A/B testing. With it, you can determine the best time to send emails and optimize your subject and body for your target audience. With its extensive analytics suite, you can track customer journeys and how they convert at different stages of the funnel. 

3. Recart: SMS Marketing

Recart: SMS Marketing

Recart is a perfect solution if your brand works under a direct-to-consumer premise. In other words, it is much better for online stores that already have an established customer base. As you can guess by its name, Recart focuses on SMS marketing, making it perfect for people who spend a lot of time with their mobile phones.

One of its better, advanced features allows you to create custom pop-ups and forms. You can utilize Recart to create gift cards & loyalty programs, discount codes, and referral programs; these powerful features are especially potent when you’re promoting new products and services.  Most notably, you can use Recart for abandoned cart recovery. 

4. AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

This Shopify app is perfect for monitoring and optimizing your shipping process. It comes with automated tracking, standardizes tracking statuses, includes shipping filters and searches, and tracks shipping rates. 

Providing real-time updates is vital for improving customer experiences. It can also boost your website traffic, as it allows customers to track shipping status via your site. In other words, they have an incentive to revisit your store. As such, it can also have an indirect impact on your search engine optimization. 

Affiliate, Loyalty & Rewards Apps

You should never underestimate the power of loyalty and affiliate programs. Clients often choose one online store over another just because it has better gift and coupon codes. Apps from this category allow you to manage various customer loyalty programs, thus improving user experience and conversions. 

5. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

If you wish to streamline your loyalty management, there are very few apps that are as potent as Smile. By using its advanced features, you can create social media reward systems, referral programs, purchasing rewards, and email templates. The marketing tool excels at membership management but can also be excellent for tracking customer reviews. 

While Smile is a bit expensive for a Shopify app, it has the functionality of a large platform. It also helps that you can integrate it with other external and built-in tools so you can track the entire marketing process from a single dashboard. In fact, despite being robust, Smile isn’t that hard for beginners. 

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6. Referral Candy

Referral Candy

As you can guess by its name, Referral Candy is a potent software for creating referral and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. When you open the app, you’ll get a clear breakdown of your sales, referral values, percentage sales from referrals, and other data. Among others, the app is meant to enhance customer service and turn previous buyers into brand ambassadors. 

Referral Candy has numerous extra features meant to improve your conversions. You can use the program to enhance your landing pages, company logo, emails, and other website and social media elements. One thing I love about this app is its fraud detection feature that can discover any referral malversation. 

7. Growave


Growave can assist online stores by sending wishlist emails to newsletter users, boosting customer reviews, managing Instagram galleries, and simplifying log-ins. With it, you can significantly boost customer loyalty and conversions but also improve various aspects of a company’s reputation management.

The platform is fantastic for creating VIP programs. Users are segmented into tiers based on their past purchases and activity, unlocking new, fancy rewards with each level. Growave also includes various automation features; for example, it allows you to send automated emails and nudges. 

8. UpPromote


Similar to other apps on the list, users can easily set up UpPromote for their Shopify store. Through its integrated marketplace, business owners can track their affiliates and manage large-scale campaigns. Even better, you can set up different commission rates for different affiliates.

The thing where UpPromote excels is its detailed analytics. You can track data for each affiliate, measuring clicks on their affiliate links, total sales, and conversions. The tool also allows you to create coupons, which partners can share on their channels. 

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9. LoyaltyLion


Another fantastic app on the list, LoyaltyLion, allows you to track and manage various aspects of referral marketing. You can use the platform to create extensive campaigns, track users and affiliates, analyze conversions, and streamline conversations. LoyaltyLion can also send automated emails, manage alerts, and customize your branding. 

Online store owners can utilize custom point-earning opportunities to encourage users to share their data within the Shopify store. That way, you’ll have more data about your leads and can establish better customer relationships. The same data can be integrated into the platform to streamline communication. 

Product Reviews and User-Generated Content

A positive perception of a brand is crucial for its conversions. Because of that, eCommerce stores invest heavily in product review apps and similar tools that would showcase the company in the best possible light. 

10. Instafeed


With this tool, you can turn other people’s posts into powerful allies. Instafeed allows brands to tap into Instagram feeds, user-generated content, and ambassador posts to retrieve the best photos. These photos can be placed on your site to make the product pages that much more enticing and natural. 

Besides this amazing functionality, Instafeed can be utilized to track the profitability of your gifting programs. You can also use it to track the performance of affiliated content creators and find users who can become your future brand ambassadors. That way, you can maximize each affiliate and drop those who don’t bring any value. 

11. Yotpo


Yotpo focuses on retention and getting the most value out of each customer. The program offers a wide range of features meant to boost sales, increase brand perception, and enhance user experience. Among others, you can utilize Yotpo to track Google search engine performance as well as your metrics on popular social media.

With this app, you can ask customers for reviews so they can post user-generated content on your website. That way, new visitors will find your Shopify store much more authentic and relatable. Yotpo is also excellent for creating and sending bulk emails and SMS, as well as managing subscriptions, loyalty programs, and referrals. 

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12. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

The marketing tool allows you to share just about any type of UGC content, ranging from photos to video reviews, app reviews, and other types of customer feedback. The best thing is that your future visitors can see how the products work in practice, so they have a better understanding of their features and functionality.

Besides the regular product reviews, you can also tinker with homepage carousels and satisfied customer pages. The UGC can be placed just about anywhere, from sidebars to shopping feeds and pop-ups. Loox is also fantastic for upselling, as you can add these messages to customers’ carts and checkout pages. 

13. Product Reviews Product Reviews provides social proof to boost your eCommerce conversions significantly. The software allows you to add widgets to your platform so that visitors can gain in-depth insights about different products. 

The thing that impressed me about is their approach to review collection. You can customize your requests and ask for feedback via SMS, emails, and push notifications. Once they leave a review, you can reward them with coupons and other perks. Alternatively, you can directly answer these customer reviews and share them on social media. 

14. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Like other platforms on the list, Stamped allows you to showcase external reviews on your website as a way of boosting engagement and conversions. Aside from star scores and textual feedback, you can also post visual content on the site. If you need additional social proof, you can also introduce a widget for net promoter score.

Besides customer reviews, Stamped is also fantastic for building loyalty. It allows online store owners to create point systems and reward users who reach certain thresholds. You can also benefit from its loyalty and VIP programs. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Stamped comes with artificial intelligence analytics that allows you to monitor user interactions and customer satisfaction. 


If you wish to rank your Shopify store at the top of Google search, you’ll definitely need to get one or two SEO apps. You can use these programs for all sorts of things, from monitoring your organic traffic to improving your content performance. 

15. Plug In SEO

Plug In SEO

Plug In SEO can be used for various optimization tasks, from fixing technical problems to improving content optimization. Specifically, you can use it to check your headings and titles, discover broken links, add Schema Markup, and generate speed reports. 

The tool is excellent during the early stages of blog development, as it can fine-tune various aspects of your online store. By simply following suggestions within the app, you can optimize different elements so they’re better suited for Google and other search engines. I especially loved using it for keyword research and targeting lucrative transactional phrases. 

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16. SEO Manager | venntov

SEO Manager | venntov

SEO Manager can be of great assistance when optimizing your Shopify webshop. The app breaks down different optimization aspects of your site and generates a score for the entire platform. Then, you can go down the list and address issues one by one.

With SEO Manager, you can see how different pages are shown in the search engines. You can also implement structured data, fix broken links, and analyze your rankings and traffic. My favorite thing about it is its bulk actions that allow you to edit all website content and metas with a single click. 

Chatbot / Help Desk

Customer satisfaction is vital if you wish to ensure high loyalty and recurring purchases. With this app category, you can simplify interaction with your leads and customers and provide them with answers to all relevant questions. 

17. Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

With Tidio, you can combine chatbot functionality with live chat in a single platform. The app streamlines your web communication by placing all Instagram, Facebook Messenger, email, and website messages in one inbox. Furthermore, Tidio works on any device, which is perfect for online store owners who are often on the go.

Live typing preview is Tidio’s unique feature. You can see what your clients are typing even before they send a message. That way, you can monitor their thought process and provide an answer to their “real question.” You can also prepare responses in advance to respond instantly to the most common questions.

18. Gorgias


The thing that separates Gorgias from the crowd is its AI ticketing. Artificial intelligence can prioritize your tickets based on several factors so you can focus on the ones that matter. You also get notifications whenever a new message hits the inbox, allowing you to quickly respond to all user inquiries.

The chat app is also marvelous for multiplatform messaging. Besides your website, you can also connect it to several social media accounts to streamline all communication. On top of that, you can use the tool to create discount codes, track various information, process returns, and update subscriptions. 

Upsell and Cross Sell

The best way to generate additional value from each customer is by introducing upselling and cross-selling. If you wish to maximize these promotional strategies, you should definitely consider buying the following apps. 

19. ReConvert Upsell and Cross Sell

ReConvert Upsell and Cross Sell

The main purpose of this tool is to optimize customers’ post-purchase experience and entice them to make additional purchases. With it, you can introduce one-click upsells and checkout upsells, create Thank You! pages, and introduce numerous other improvements.

The reason why this tool is so efficient is because it uses clients’ previous data to simplify additional purchases. Furthermore, it displays information in a way that would secure the highest conversions. Drag and Drop Funnel builder is something I’m particularly keen on, but you’ll also like the Shopify Checkout Editor. 

20. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together does precisely what it advertises – it suggests items that are usually bought in conjunction with each other. Through smart recommendations, the tool can pair two different products in a way that makes sense for the buyer. Through AI technology, suggestions are continuously improved based on user responses to ensure even higher conversions.

 Besides recommendations, the app also has a bundle discount feature. You can choose between four different options to enhance your bulk sales further. Relevant data is collected and stored within the program so you can monitor total conversions, upselling, and cross-selling stats. 

Other Shopify Apps

This category includes all other apps that might benefit your Shopify store. 

21. Printful


Printful is a print-on-demand platform that is fantastic for Shopify. By using the program, you can create a gallery of customized items without ever having a real inventory. All you have to do is create your design, sell the product through your store, and order it for printing. That way, you can circumvent the traditional inventory costs yet provide your visitors with fresh items every once in a while. 

Most companies use this app to create fashion products, but it’s every bit as great for accessories and home miscellaneous. Printful has offices all over the world, so you can use it even if you live outside the US. 

22. PushOwl Web Push Notifications

PushOwl Web Push Notifications

As you can figure out, PushOwn can help you send notifications to your users. However, the cool thing about it is that the notifications will reach them no matter which device they’re using. As such, it is an ideal app for companies that send newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Like many tools nowadays, PushOwn comes with an AI writer that can expedite the content creation process. Once you create your messages, you can send them out into the world or add them to different pages within your Shopify store. PushOwl can achieve different goals, from welcoming website visitors to boosting sales and remarketing. 

23. PageFly Landing Page Builder

PageFly Landing Page Builder

Given the importance of CRO, apps like PageFly have become essential for online stores. The software allows you to tweak various elements on your site, from text boxes to images, without needing any coding skills. Most importantly, using PageFly won’t interfere with your existing design, and you can integrate it with the Shopify platform without a hitch.

The app also comes with predefined styles that would significantly reduce the legwork. Furthermore, you can reuse the existing pages as much as you want and optimize them for Google. Among other things, you can use PageFly to perform extensive A/B testing and determine what works and what doesn’t for your audience. 

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24. Google & YouTube – Easily Sell on Google

Google & YouTube - Easily Sell on Google

Google has created its own app that you can introduce to Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. The app connects your web store to Google Merchant Center so you can run extensive campaigns on associated platforms. On top of that, you can also integrate it with YouTube Shopping for additional functionality. 

25. Octane AI – Quiz Builder

Octane AI - Quiz Builder

Octane allows you to make quick quizzes that you can post on your homepage and other relevant landing pages. Basically, you can ask visitors a few questions, and based on their answers, the tool can recommend specific products. 

One of the things I like about these quizzes is that you can combine them with other marketing strategies. For example, you can add an email collecting pop-up in the strings to seamlessly acquire data from the users. Aside from that, you can also access various customization options that would make the quizzes more visually appealing, which would allow them to convert at a higher rate. 


If you’re just starting your first Shopify project, you should take a long, hard look at this list. Just about every app mentioned in this article can provide some value for your brand, so it would be wise to test as many of them as possible. Even if it takes some time, you’ll have a better understanding of which programs are crucial for your entrepreneurial journey. 

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Shopify Apps FAQs

What Shopify apps to use?

When it comes to choosing which apps to use, it’s important to consider your specific business needs. A few popular Shopify apps include Oberlo, which can help automate product imports and order fulfillment, and Yotpo, which allows you to collect and showcase customer reviews. Additionally, the Shopify App Store has a wide variety of options to choose from, ranging from marketing and social media tools to shipping and inventory management solutions.

What is the Shopify app?

The Shopify app is a powerful e-commerce solution designed to help businesses of all sizes build and manage their online stores. This platform provides a wide range of features, including customizable themes, payment processing, analytics, and marketing tools, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced sellers. With the Shopify app, you can easily manage your products, orders, and customers from one convenient location, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Is Shopify a website or app?

The answer, of course, is that it is both. Shopify provides a web-based interface for managing your online shop, as well as mobile apps that offer additional functionality and convenience. This multi-platform approach allows business owners to manage their store from anywhere, at any time. Whether you prefer to work on a desktop computer or a mobile device, Shopify gives you the flexibility and tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape

Where is Shopify mostly used?

Shopify is being used by businesses of all sizes across the globe. However, there are certain regions where Shopify has gained more popularity than others. North America and Western Europe are among the regions where Shopify is mostly used. The platform’s ease of use, scalability, and robust third-party app integration capabilities have made it an attractive option for small and medium-sized enterprises in these regions.

Is Shopify a shopping app?

Shopify is a versatile e-commerce platform that enables businesses of all sizes to set up and operate an online store. Shopify provides a robust set of tools that streamline the process of setting up a store, managing inventory and orders, and facilitating payments. With its user-friendly interface and integration capabilities, Shopify helps businesses to focus on what they do best: running a successful online store.

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