13 Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas For 2023

13 Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas For 2024

Are you thinking to start a blog to earn money online? Looking for blog niche ideas that might make you money earlier rather than later?

But, what if you choose a blog niche that’s too specific that it gets you zero traffic and no income?

And if you choose a blog niche that’s very highly competitive for beginners, then you will get buried under loads of authority blogs.

I know you are always frustrated by these questions.

So, I have created a thorough list of the 13 most profitable blog niche ideas in 2024 that you can choose from to push start your blogging career.

Let’s dive into it.

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a particular topic or subject you have chosen to educate your readers about.

In other words, your blog niche is basically the specific needs of your target audience that you would be writing content for.

You can also make your blog niche broader or more specific as you want it to be.

For example, finance is a broad niche while stock market investing is a specific niche with a highly targeted audience.

Choosing a specific niche like stock markets helps you get more targeted followers who want to know about popular stocks and techniques and helps in increasing your engagement rates which could probably earn you more money.

As you can easily sell them courses built around stock market mastery.

Writing around a more specific niche also helps you to cut over the competition and showcase yourself as a master in the field.

But, you need to balance your niche so that it’s not too broad to compete for or not too specific such that you don’t have enough audience.

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13 Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas For 2024

As we know, people often pay for getting their problems solved.

So, you can earn money from your blog by educating your audience and solving their problems in the form of selling useful products (affiliate marketing), ebooks, courses, memberships, and more.

I have chosen the below niches as the most profitable blog niches based on a few factors:

  • By evaluating successful blogs around those niches
  • Affiliate marketing potential in the niche
  • Potential to sell ebooks and courses in the niche
  • Cost per click on Google

And my own personal experience.

So, if you’re not able to find enough niche ideas on your own, these are the most popular and profitable blog niche ideas for 2024 that you can choose from.

1. Making Money Online

Making money online blog niche is one of the most profitable and high-earning blog niches.

It’s also an Evergreen niche. Think about it!

People always want to make more and more money online. Moreover, that’s why you are reading this.

Although, it is also very challenging to build an authority site in this niche. 

But, if you are even able to get a small audience out of it, you could earn unimaginable numbers as this niche has huge conversion rates and you can also charge high for selling your courses or products.

As people are more motivated by the fact that they are going to earn lots of money back.

 I think you understand what I mean.

You can also choose more specific topics to get a hand over your competition like:

  • Affiliate marketing income
  • Passive income ideas
  • Stock market and investing
  • Blogging tips
  • Dropshipping and Ecommerce
  • Online jobs etc.

For example, a popular blog in this niche is Making sense of cents by Michelle, where she talks about unique tips on earning online and saving money.

Making sense of cents

2. Digital Marketing

With the ever-increasing growth of the internet in every aspect of our life, more and more businesses are getting online.

The total digital marketing spend is going to reach over $261.10 billion in the U.S alone by the end of 2022.

So, you get to know how huge the market is.

That’s the reason, digital marketing is one of the most profitable blog niches to choose from in recent years.

Digital marketing is a huge category and it’s only going to grow at a much faster pace as more and more small businesses are trying to get their hands online.

You could blog about several different topics and target different audiences like

  • Small business consultancy and marketing tips and services
  • A specific area of marketing like social media, affiliate marketing, content marketing, networking, and more.
  • Teaching about blogging can also be a part of digital marketing
  • Online marketing jobs like freelance writing, eCommerce, social strategist jobs, and consultancy.

The blog you are reading now is a great success in the digital marketing field earning thousands of dollars per month.

Neal Schaffer Digital Marketing blog

Here’s another successful blog by Anil Agarwal making more than $10k every month where he teaches specifically about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

You can also further specially monetize your marketing blog by providing digital marketing services to business owners and individuals making your blog even more profitable.

3. Personal Finance And Investing

This niche is also related to money and includes huge income-earning potential.

According to Google Trends, searches related to financial planning and investing are becoming more and more popular these days.

The personal finance niche is growing at such a pace because people are becoming more and more educated about its needs and it has also become even easier as you can take loans, insurance, and invest money in just a few clicks from your phone.

Therefore, this niche can be quite lucrative.

You can easily earn money from this niche by recommending products like credit cards, personal loans, and insurance to your audience to earn affiliate income.

You can further double down your income by adding a unique angle of making money online in it like creating courses around blogging and stock market investing, taking finance webinars, and more.

NerdWallet is a proven success model in this niche being one of the top financial blogs on the internet. This money blog, which has millions of readers each month, offers in-depth posts to assist you in making decisions about banking, credit cards, insurance, and other financial matters.


You might choose to write about the following topics as per your expertise-

  • Investing like the stock market, cryptocurrency, and index funds.
  • Money management tips like saving money, and monitoring expenses.
  • Debt management
  • Personal loans, mortgages, and budgeting
  • Financial independence and retiring early.

 4. Health And Fitness

Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, and become more fit.

The trend of health and fitness has even grown more after the coronavirus pandemic, making people, even more, health-conscious in 2024.

Starting your fitness blog is a great way to benefit from this expanding trend.

This niche is also very competitive in nature and the best option to build your name in the niche is to choose a specific angle for your blog.

Here are some different narrow topics that could help you build expertise in the field:

  • On the basis of a particular diet like keto, paleo, etc.
  • Weight Loss Tips
  • A particular approach like GYM, cardio, yoga
  • Skin care, hair care, mental health, and hygiene
  • Dental Care
  • Diseases and their cures
  • Baby Care
  • For specific audience types like men, women, children, or old age.
  • Sharing your own health journey could also help to make your blog unique.

These niches get very high traffic volumes which you can monetize using ads and getting sponsorships.

You can also get to the next level by making paid fitness courses, one-on-one training sessions, webinars, and recipe books.

For instance, Nerd Fitness is a successful blog in the health niche which is earning six figures online by starting a special nerd fitness camp.

Nerd Fitness

You can also try to add your own specification to your blog which helps make it unique and creative.

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5. Fashion

Can you help people look and feel better, make better fashion decisions, and feel more confident? 

Then, this niche is for you as you need to be creative and passionate to get success in this niche.

People are constantly looking for new fashion ideas and content because trends change quickly.

As a fashion blogger, you need to be proactive about learning about emerging market trends and products to succeed in this niche.

With the increasing shift to online eCommerce platforms, more and more people like to get advice from bloggers online, hence new opportunities!

Most of the successful fashion blogs take a curve of lifestyle blog too as people are more likely to buy fashion products from someone who they think look beautiful in different outfits and styles.

More than that, if you are a fashion blogger, I recommend you to give more focus on videos (youtube) and photos as people like to watch about fashion more than reading.

You can learn a lot from one such successful blog Girl With Curves in this niche which has taken a unique approach to fashion for bigger-sized women generating millions of dollars in revenue. (by selling their own brand products)

Girl With Curves

You can further narrow your niche to men’s fashion, women’s fashion, makeup, grooming, and more.

6. Food and Recipes

Everyone loves to eat and try out different recipes. 

Food-related blogs can be extremely popular and get huge chunks of traffic. 

Food blogs have fewer affiliate opportunities but have a lot of potential for traffic generation, you can possibly earn great ad revenue.

You can further increase your potential earnings by 10X by creating helpful recipe books and making them a bestseller.

One of the most popular blogs in this niche is Love and Lemons. This blog was established in 2012 by Jeanine and Jack and attracts over 10 million visitors per month.

Love and Lemons

The blog earns great money by selling its cookbooks, kitchen tools, and selling ad spaces.

You can get traffic to your food blog from proven channels like Pinterest and Instagram as both are image-centric, making them the best place for sharing recipes.

If your blog gets popular, you can easily partner with food brands and earn royalty.

7. Personal Development

People are becoming much more conscious about personal development and self-care these days.

People are more aware of their mental health in these times, which has sparked a rise in interest in self-improvement and well-being.

If you are a trained counselor, wellness coach, or psychologist then this niche can be perfect for you. 

You could start a  personal development blog by writing about:

  • Self-development
  • Goal Setting, Focus & Productivity
  • Time management
  • Daily routines
  • Refreshing Exercises
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Awareness & Mindfulness
  • Stress Management 
  • Money Management 
  • Habits Development etc.

Zen Habits is a great blog in this niche that offers valuable insights on goal setting, daily habits and routines and keeping focus in life, and earns money by selling books and a paid membership plan for their academy.

Zen Habits

Another such blog is Tiny Buddha, which is a well-known source for helpful advice on how to handle obstacles, change, happiness and fun, mental health, and everything in between.

You can also monetize your blog with ad real estate with much more opportunities like launching your books, one-on-one sessions, training, and paid community membership.

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8. Success Stories And Interviews

Many people love to hear out success stories and interviews.

Some people want to learn more about the interviewee because they are fascinated by their story. 

While some people simply find these blogs to be entertaining or motivating.

If you are a great listener and love to ask a lot of questions, then this niche could be a perfect option for you.

You would have probably heard about TedTalks. It is one of the most successful blogs about expert talks and success stories.


This niche has great traffic potential as people love to hear stories and motivational content.

It is a profitable blog niche as you can earn sponsorships and ad revenue. (which could be huge owing to traffic) 

There are a bit fewer opportunities for monetizing but you can earn huge money by finding a different angle like selling books on interview tips, premium memberships, and more.

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9. Technology And Gaming

Wherever you go, everything is filled with tech.

Now, we can’t even imagine a single day without mobiles, laptops, and online games.

And they even have a lot higher income potential through affiliate marketing either directly from manufacturers or from eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

You can write blogs on tech reviews, gaming tips, and reviews and even share tech news to get viral traffic to your blog.

Here are some technology and gaming sub-niches to consider:

  • Tech reviews like phones, earphones, cameras, gadgets, laptops, etc.
  • Video game tutorials and reviews and gaming tips.
  • Tech news on the newest findings in the industry
  • Software tutorials and reviews like Photoshop and others

For instance, one such very popular blog in the niche is Engadget founded by Peter Rojas and earns over $50 million in revenue according to online sources.


Kotaku is another such blog that is popular for gaming tips and reviews.

Successful tech blogs earn huge money, but it’s a very very competitive niche.

If you are confident enough to deal with competition, money is all yours.

10. Educational And Online Learning

Is there a subject you are an expert on and could share with others?

Are you always keen to teach others about the subjects you are an expert in?

Then, sharing your education online could help you earn a good chunk of money.

You can teach your audience about any topic you have expertise in, be it coding and app development, marketing, photography or software.

Additionally, it is predicted that the value of the e-learning sector will reach $521.8 billion by 2027.

A lot of people are jumping into online learning platforms to change careers, receive academic training relevant to their line of work, or learn new skills.

The best way to earn from educational blogs is to make ebooks and sell premium online courses.

Online teaching platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, and Learnyst have made it even more simple and more practical to create educational courses online.


11. DIY And Home Decor

DIY is a short form for Do It Yourself.

Many people like to spend their free time on DIY and home decor things.

So, you can start a decor and DIY blog providing home designing tips, rebuilding useful and decorative products out of scrap, and more.

Here are some angles you could blog about:

  • DIY and budget-friendly decor
  • Art and craft, paintings and sewing
  • Luxury design
  • Residential, commercial, and office designs
  • Wood designs
  • Party Ideas
  • Rebuilding new things from waste material

For example, Centsational Style is a popular blog in the decor and DIY niche which earns mostly through ad revenue and recommending decor products to the audience.

centsational style blog

You can also add an income stream by making and selling your own sets of decor designs, paintings, prints, and more.

12. Sports

Sports have a huge audience size and fan base.

So, starting a blog around the sports world and news could be quite profitable.

Fans can learn more about and feel more connected to their favorite game by reading sports blogs.

Due to the increasing popularity of online sports gambling sites, the popularity of sports news blogs is ever-increasing.

You can either choose to blog about one particular sport like Football or cover more than one sport.

The niche has a huge audience potential, but this niche could be harder to monetize.

However, you can earn money by selling ad space and you could also earn some by recommending sports products.

For example, Football Paradise is a blog targeted at football fans writing about news, leagues, matches, and betting tips.

football paradise sports blog

You can take inspiration from this blog to start your own.

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13. Travel

The final niche on our list is the travel niche. 

Who does not enjoy traveling?

If you are a vacation person, then you can share your experiences and tips while traveling like the best hotels in this place, the best places to visit, finding new destinations, and cheap traveling.

Great photos are a crucial component of your travel blog as people are more likely to get interested in great-shot pictures of beautiful places.

You can also narrow your niche based on the audience like traveling for solo men or females, families, and digital nomads.

The biggest revenue stream for travel blogs is ad revenue as other channels are somewhat harder to earn from.

You can also earn affiliate or sponsor income by recommending hotels, traveling accessories, travel insurance, etc.

Nomadic Matt is a popular travel blog you could learn from. He monetizes his blog through ads and sells travel guidebooks.

The blog has also a different angle to earn money and i.e by organizing group tours as in this image.

nomadic matt travel blog

Once you start a blog, you can also find different earning opportunities and try them out.

Final Thoughts

So, these blog niche ideas will help you to clear out your mind and choose the right path for your blogging career.

To recap, these are my picks for the best profitable blog niche ideas in 2024:

  1. Making Money Online
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Personal Finance and Investing
  4. Health and Fitness
  5. Fashion
  6. Food and Recipes
  7. Personal Development
  8. Success Stories and Interviews
  9. Technology and Gaming
  10. Educational and Online Learning
  11. DIY and Home Decor
  12. Sports
  13. Travel

You could spend forever thinking about the best blog niche and get frustrated getting no help.

While on the other choice, you can pick a blog niche from my recommendations that interests you the most and start earning money from your blog within a few months.

I think you’ll like to go on with the latter.

If yes, then pick your perfect niche and get started with starting your successful blog now.

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Which blog niche are you going to choose? Do you have some other great blog niche ideas running in your mind? Let me know in the comments.

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