14 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Make HUGE Money From Blogging

14 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Editorial Note: I may earn a commission when you visit links that appear on my website.

Do you want to make money blogging?

Blogging is a great way to make money online.

You can make an income from your blog by using affiliate marketing, selling advertising space on your site, or even charging for membership access.

The best part about it is that anyone with basic computer skills and the desire to learn can do this!

In this blog post, I’ll mention all the 14 intuitive ways using which how you can make money from blogging.

Let’s get started with my favorite method, which is:

#1. Sell Advertising On Blogs

Sell Advertising On Blogs

Many bloggers sell display ads on their blogs and make huge money should they be able to generate enough web traffic.

Here is one example of a blog which makes nearly $35,000 a MONTH from display ads using a network called AdThrive, a premium advertising network which requires 100,000 monthly page views on Google Analytics. Other bloggers who don’t have this traffic can leverage Google AdSense.

To get started, you just need to sign up to various Ad Networks of your choice, meet their eligibility requirements and then start publishing ads on your blog.

#2. Sell Digital Products On Your Blog To Make Money

Digital products are either downloadable products or online classes.

You can make huge money by selling your own digital products on your blog by creating valuable content and selling your products.

To make a sale, you need to make sure that you have a good landing page set up with an enticing product description and price.

The best thing about this product is that you get the full profit margin as there’s only one-time production cost, no transportation, no middlemen, etc.

Once you create a digital product, you can keep selling it for life.

The potential earnings you can make from a digital product can go beyond your imagination and it’s not that complicated or difficult to sell.

You can just get started with just a $7 ebook.

Here’s a blog that made more than $35,000 in a MONTH just from selling ebooks and online courses!

#3. Sell Freelance Services On Your Blog

Many bloggers make huge money by selling services on their blogs, for example, if you’re a graphic designer you could make huge money by offering design services to other bloggers.

I personally know a lot of bloggers in my circle who offer their freelance services like SEO, Site Audit, Content Writing Services, etc.

Moreover, I also offer content writing services on my blog to make a few extra bucks each month.

There are also many other popular bloggers like Neil Patel that bring in high ticket clients, through their blog, which makes him millions per year.

You can make even more money if you offer these services to big businesses once you build your reputation in the market.

Simply start by adding a SERVICES tab to your website, describer you freelance services, and add a PayPal button and you are done! Or you can take it one step further and sell your services directly from email marketing services such as ConvertKit.

Let me be clear: Selling links isn’t a good practice and is also banned by Google.

But still, many people follow this strategy to earn money through this technique.

When I also started my blog, I didn’t know that selling links is a bad thing.

So I also sold a link from my article that was ranking in the third position for 90 euros. (Now I don’t sell links)

Here’s my screenshot.

Though I won’t recommend this technique of making money from blogging, still if you want to try this, you can do a Google search for “sell links” and find many sites to sign up at.

#5. Affiliate Marketing

Forbes once mentioned in their article:

We’re living in an affiliate world

we're living in an affiliate world

Affiliate Marketing is when you promote a company’s product or service in exchange for a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is by far the most profitable and sustainable way to make money from blogging.

If done correctly and strategically, you can earn loads of money with this technique alone.

You can create niche sites on any topic of your choice that have market demand and publish content for it.

Then you can place your affiliate links in the content wherever applicable and promote your blog or website.

You can also do affiliate marketing with paid ads with the help of sales funnels, but this requires huge initial investments.

You can join multiple affiliate programs of your choice and decide what you want to promote.

If you don’t think you can make money from affiliate marketing, check out how this blog makes 6 figures a month from it!

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#6. Brand Sponsorships, Paid Reviews, etc.

Once your blog scales up and you begin to receive traffic, you’ll start to receive brand sponsorships inquiries.

Just create an additional contact page on your blog where these companies can contact you and you’re set up for life.

You can charge for a sponsored guest post as much as you wish.

The brand will either ask you to become their affiliate, or you can directly ask for a one-time fee (which might be a big amount) to showcase their product on your blog.

Frankly speaking, I haven’t tried this yet, but I personally know of people making up to $500 per sponsored blog post.

#7. Run A Paid Newsletter Or A Membership Site

Run A Paid Newsletter Or A Membership Site

If you have a loyal audience and a dedicated readership, you can launch a paid newsletter.

Running a paid newsletter is like having a Patreon or OnlyFans account, where you’re able to monetize your content in a much better way.

You can create a special VIP email list for your subscribers and charge them on a monthly basis to make money.

There’s no better way to make a living than by giving people what they want.

It takes time and consistency, but it can be done!

If you offer something that people are willing to pay monthly or annual fees over and over, you can build up a really great business in the long-term if there is enough demand for your service.

But before you do this, make sure you’ve proper content strategies set in place and you’ve decided what’ll you share with them which you’ll not with your free audience.

The amount that you can make with this method entirely depends on your brand value and customer loyalty.

If you don’t have either of these, chances are you’ll struggle with this method.

ConvertKit is an email service provider that supports paid newsletters. You can find out more about them here.

#8. Sell Your Blog Or Do Website Flipping

There might not be a better way to make money blogging than by selling your blog.

Many sites like Flippa or EmpireFlippers offer you the service to sell your blog for a small commission.

Usually, websites sell for 12 to 24 months of revenue but if you are the authority in your industry then you’ll be able to ask for anything.

I’ve seen some blogs go for as much as 200 years worth of annual revenue and it didn’t make $100,000 each year.

If you sold that site with 2 years’ worth of monthly income at $5000 per month (a total sale price would be about 120K), might it take 6 or 7 more years to earn that amount due to expenses and taxes?

Expert SEOs do this to make huge money in a short time.

They create just 30 to 50 blog posts on their blog and when their blog reaches the mark of generating $1000/Mo, they sell it for above $30,000.

It’s done in a matter of just 3 to 6 months.

It’s also a lucrative business, but you need to be an expert in driving traffic and monetizing a site.

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#9. Accept Donations On Your Blog

Accept Donations On Your Blog

Though it’s highly uncertain how much money can you make with this technique, I would like to add that something is better than nothing.

Even if you’re making $50/Mo with donations, I think it’s enough to meet your little expenses with this amount.

You can place a “Buy Me A Coffee” button on each of your blog posts, and when someone clicks on it, they’ll be redirected to a payments page, where they can pay any amount they wish to donate.

You can use their WordPress plugin to easily get it set up on your website.

#10. Create A Useful Tool and Monetize It

One of the easiest ways to make money from blogging is through creating and monetizing a useful tool.

For example, make a tool that will give people a general idea of what they should wear on any given day without having to google it.

It could be as simple as inputting your zip code or town name and the weather conditions to see what color and type of clothes you should wear.

There are loads of other examples out there in which you can either make or purchase something, such as a handy grocery list printable, makeover guide for beginners, etc.

You can make it available on your blog for free or create an email list with discount codes only for subscribers so that you have more customers coming back time after time.

This can be quite helpful and can become a lucrative business for you if you’re in a high paying niche like finance.

You can create a tool that’ll help people choose the best credit cards for them by asking their name and email in return to access your free tool.

Then you can sell the information of these people (with proper consent) to various financial institutions.

And if you’re wondering what amount per lead earns in a finance niche, it’s around $25 to $40 per lead.

This means if you just bring in 100 leads per month, you can easily make around $2500 to $4000 per month with your free tool.

#11. Sell Brand Merchandise Or Physical Products

Sell Brand Merchandise Or Physical Products

One way to make money from blogging is to sell merchandise.

If you have a loyal audience on your blog (or the potential to make one), you can make money from selling merchandise.

You can make a few hundred dollars per month selling t-shirts, and make almost $1,000 per month with sales of stickers, clothes, bags, and other accessories on your blog.

This works well if you have a lifestyle, fashion, or fitness blog, or any other blog in the entertainment industry.

For some ideas. on what merch to sell, check out Spreadshirt and Teespring.

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#12. Convert Your Blog Into An Agency Or A Media Outlet

Pinkvilla started as a small blog that operates in the Bollywood niche gossips.

After several years of operation, it’s now become a full media outlet which now not only publishes Bollywood gossips but also interviews popular celebs like Shah Rukh Khan.

If you operate in a similar kind of niche like politics, entertainment, food, etc. or any other niche which you can think of has the potential to turn into a media company, then this is the way to go.

Not only this, but now they also do affiliate marketing as well like promoting lifestyle products from Amazon.

#13. Offer Personal Consulting Or Coaching

Consulting is a great way to make money online from your blog.

It’s easy and you might be surprised how much it can bring in!

It sounds like people are always looking for advice on their business, so consulting could really help those out who don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing or social media management.

Consulting doesn’t require any startup investment either, all you need is a dedicated page with a form on your blog and your pricing quote as well.

If you’re not already, now is the time to take your skills and turn them into a consulting business.

You can charge by the hour for phone, email or Skype advice that you’re are probably giving for free anyway.

#14. Create A Job Portal Or MarketPlace

You can promote your job marketplace as a micro-job platform for people working in the same niche as your blog.

To make it more competitive you need to select very specific niches that are relevant to other bloggers and customers who visit websites like yours.

You could charge small fees per listing or payouts when jobs are completed, but be sure they’re reasonable just like how Fiverr or Upwork does.

Check out how ProBlogger has done this and charges $75 and above for a job posting!

Conclusion: 14 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Make Money From Blogging

If you make money blogging, it’s important to know how Google and other search engine algorithms work.

You also need to structure your blog posts accordingly for more visibility.

A word of precaution: As a blogger, your income potential heavily relies on the traffic you’re getting.

Even if your SERP rankings dwindle by just a single position, you’ll witness a huge traffic drop thus affecting your revenue as well.

To avoid this situation, make sure you’re tracking your SERPs position and utilizing SEO tools so that whenever any changes in your rankings occur, you can get notified of it, take action accordingly, and prevent a huge loss in your blogging revenue.

Apart from that, you need to make sure your content is optimized for the keywords that people are searching for on a regular basis.

This will help ensure that your blog posts or website pages rank higher in SERPs so new customers can find you more easily.

What do you think of my advice? Have you tried all of these ways to make money blogging? Am I missing any? Please let me know in the comments below!

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