12 Subject Lines for Better Blogger Outreach

12 Subject Lines for Better Blogger Outreach Campaigns

One of the biggest pain points in an outreach campaign is getting the attention of the bloggers you know are the perfect fit for your brand.

But, one of the things I’ve seen a lot lately is that marketers are writing really good and personalized pitches and offering legitimately cool stuff to bloggers but their emails aren’t getting read.

It makes sense; we’re all pressed for time, and most of us have inboxes full of emails that can really weigh you down, ya know? So bloggers, like anyone, are deleting emails before reading. Vetted by the subject line …

First impressions matter, they always have. In our digital lives and real lives. A poor subject line on an awesome blogger outreach campaign email is the equivalent of my soulmate showing up for a date in flannel pajamas. He could be the best dude ever, but I wouldn’t ever know that based on his first impression …

Honestly, you don’t have to get crazy; the key is using subject lines that are not spammy, personal and to the point.

Usually for my subject lines I find a tidbit from the bloggers’s “about me” page or I reference one of their recent posts.

So let’s dive into this topic of blogger outreach campaigns more than we ever have. These 12 subject lines are to inspire and get your wheels turning. Feel free to make them your own and cater them to your brand and your next project. Let us know if you use one by tweeting at @kristenwords and @Neal Schaffer because we are super social and love chatting about this stuff!

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1. I think we should collaborate on your organic initiative

I think we should collaborate on your organic initiative

Referencing something the blogger is passionate about and then suggesting collaboration on the issue is a great way to form a strong partnership.

2. How have we not partnered up yet?

I like this one because it’s short simple and to the point. It is friendly and tells the blogger you’re just looking for a way to partner.

3. I see your kids are the perfect age for this event!

If you’re working with a parenting blogger, offering something to share with the whole family is the ideal way to form a partnership.

4. I love your post on organic homemaking

Referencing the blogger’s most recent post topic simply shows them that you actually read their blog.

5. I want to give free stuff to your audience

Blogger outreach done well considers the brand, the blogger, and the blogger’s audience. Bloggers love to extend giveaways and special offers to their audience, so this subject line is a great one.

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6. Let’s talk partnership

Let’s talk partnership

Doesn’t get more to the point that this.

7. I have a dress I want to send you

A lot of times brands are reaching out for product reviews so make it apparent right away that you just want to send them something awesome and free.

8. Have you tried bunny skin care products?

A lot of times a subject line that asks a question outperforms a statement, so I try to ask questions in my subject lines whenever possible.

9. I want to talk more about your small business loan post

Another example of a subject line that references a blogger’s recent post. And opens the floor for discussion showing the blogger you are interested in an authentic marketing relationship.

10. Get in my blog

This one is a little more random and stretching it but one time I used this subject line to invite people to guest post on my blog. It had the highest open rate out of any email I’ve ever sent…

11. I’m a Sagittarius too!

This is simply an example of a subject line that references a fact you read about them in the “about me” section of their blog.

12. I have an allergy friendly recipe for you to try

This subject line pretty much sums up the pitch in a few words. It references content the blogger writes about and makes it apparent that you are reaching out to offer them something new.

Have you had success with outreach campaigns targeting bloggers? What subject lines have you used for your outreach emails? What have you been successful with? Please share with us!

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Outreach Campaign FAQs

How do you create an outreach campaign?

To create an outreach campaign, the first step you need to do is plan your whole campaign before taking any other actions or steps. Plan how you will approach bloggers, how will you pitch your campaign and how will you promote it. Once you have envisioned your campaign steps and goal, you can continue with the other parts of your campaign such as identifying the right bloggers and pitching your campaign to them using the appropriate subject line.

What are the outreach activities?

Outreach activities are created to reach out to influential people who have established a large following and ask them to write a blog or feedback about a product in exchange for free access to the service or product, though sometimes monetary payment is involved too. It varies depending on the relationship of the brand with the blogger. They aim to establish a brand ambassador network and get authentic mentions to potentially earn new customers.

What is the meaning of outreach?

The word outreach, as defined by Merriam Webster, is an act of reaching out or an act of extending services or assistance beyond the current or usual limits. In the marketing approach, blogger outreach campaigns are created to get exposure to a brand’s product or service by leveraging influential bloggers and influencers who have a significant following. Hence, expanding the brand’s network and connection.

What is the difference between marketing and outreach?

Marketing is when a brand or a company creates a strategy as a way of communicating to their consumers or a target audience to introduce or sell their products and services. Technically, they are building a relationship with their audience to produce sales. Whereas in outreach, the main idea is to give reach out to someone and give an incentive in exchange for promotion and exposure of the brand’s products and service.

What is outreach tool?

An outreach tools are tools used by marketers to execute their outreach campaigns. This is where they find potential influencers to connect to, and contact them simultaneously. Through outreach tools, brands and companies can easily identify the right influencers that match their target audience. They also help in building a list of contacts and from there, marketers can make an initial contact and build connections with the influencers.

Is your blogger outreach campaign ineffective? Maybe you're not using the right email subject lines. Here are 12 you can use to get outreach emails opened.

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  1. These are great subject lines, i will be taking a few and using them for my outreach programme and adding some ideas of my own… will let you know how it goes! :)

  2. I usually read through the editor’s blog and try to make quick reference to his blog like “Your blog got me this idea’, ‘This blog was pretty well written’

  3. When I have to outreach, I really try to keep it personal as if I am talking to the editor. I usually go with something like ‘ I am currently working on something which I would love share with you’.

  4. Great post, Kristin! The headlines you listed above are great examples on how to make your blogger outreach much more compelling and not feel forced. Oftentimes, bloggers use pre-made headlines and email messages to reach out to other bloggers. As a result, they don’t get the response they want because of the impersonal nature of their emails. By taking a more conscious effort in writing headlines that pack a punch, bloggers will encourage more bloggers to click on their emails and read their messages.

    Also, I linked to this post on my post I made about blogger outreach as well christopherjanb dot com/blog/blogger-outreach-basics-how-to-grow-your-readership I hope you don’t mind as this is such a good post. Thanks!

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