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Konrad Sanders

Konrad Sanders is an expert on Blogging. Founder. Content Strategist. SEO Master. All-round superstar. Also a huge perfectionist. He won’t rest until your content strategy is absolutely flaw-proof.
how to leverage storytelling for your blog and marketing

Storytelling for Marketing: Fairytale or Frog?

I’m going to tell you a magical story about storytelling. Are you sitting comfortably? Once upon a time, there was an extremely confused and frustrated brand. They were creating valuable blog posts, but no readers ever showed up. They were…

Are Blogs Still Relevant in 2021?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips… are blogs still relevant in 2021? Is it worth spending time and money on your company blog or creating a blog in the day of social media? In a nutshell: yes. BUT…not if you’re…

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