This page is to serve as a compilation of all of the great tools, ebooks, upcoming webinars, etc. digital marketing resources that I particularly recommend to my readers. This page will be updated regularly so make sure you bookmark it and visit regularly! (if you would like your event, ebook, tool, etc. recommended here, please contact me)

Free Digital Marketing Ebook Downloads


How to Build an Employee Advocacy Program – I co-wrote this with PeopleLinx, who are now known as FRONTLINE Selling


The Age of Influence [Free Preview] – Grab a free preview of my new book The Age of Influence

How AI is Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing – I co-wrote this with OpenInfluence


Maximizing LinkedIn for Business – this digital marketing resource is authored by me


Digital and Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Buyer’s Guide – updated in 2021 with my hand-picked recommendations covering 50 different tools


Focused Social Selling – written by social selling expert Craig Jamieson with the preface written by me

Digital Marketing Tools I Recommend

There are wide range of social media marketing and general marketing tools and apps that I recommend as additional digital marketing resources. Below are just some of them. If there is a particular tool that you are looking for that you do not find here, please feel free to contact me and ask – I probably know the answer!

My Starting Lineup

These are the apps, tools, and services that I use most regularly that I highly recommend you consider if you are not a current active user of them:

Agorapulse (Social Media Dashboard)

A complete social media dashboard that I currently use as my main engagement and publishing dashboard.

BigScoots (Website Hosting)

After signing up with BigScoots, within 24 hours my entire website had been migrated on my behalf and my server loading time decreased by 0.7 seconds! Not to mentioned I saved a ton of money over my previous dedicated web hosting plan! They are not the most famous, but if you are serious about speed, I HIGHLY recommend you check them out!

Blocksy (Premium WordPress Theme)

This website runs on the premium version of this Gutenberg-optimized WordPress theme. If you are looking to change to a new WordPress theme, DEFINITELY check out Blocksy!

Bonjoro (Video Email Marketing)

If you want to deepen relationships with prospects and customers, there’s no better way to do it than through video. I’ve become a huge fan of using Bonjoro recently, and its ease of use and great technology ensures that I get amazing open rates, clickthroughs, and responses for my effort. Won’t you give them a try?

Buzzsprout (Podcast Hosting)

I housed my Maximize Your Social Influence podcast on the largest and most famous podcast hosting site for many years, but because of the complexity of its user interface, I never felt that I had 100% control. That’s when I looked into other podcasting hosting services, tried out Buzzprout, and haven’t looked back. Cheap, full-featured, and deep statistics at every price point make Buzzsprout an absolute no-brainer if you are looking for a podcast host.

Canva (Graphic Design Tool)

OK, who DOESN’T like and/or use Canva? It is the ultimate tool to help you easily create images for your website or social media. PLUS Canva Pro gives you access to cool features such as easy resizing, creating GIFs, access to 4+ million photo elements, and more!

ChargeKeep (Digital Recurring Payments Gateway)

You have a website but you want to start receiving recurring payments for your coaching, consulting, etc. subscription services. You just need a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use recurring payments software that is also completely integrated with Stripe. ChargeKeep is the easiest solution, and it is the same solution that I use for my Digital First Group Coaching Membership Community. (Website Chatbot)

While this site currently does not use a chatbot, the one that I have used in the past and recommend to my clients is Easy to get set up, a cinch to program, and it will provide you quick results in no time. There are many ways to use chatbot technology, so you want to work with an easy-to-use and flexible yet extremely customizable platform. That, in essence, is!

Click here to start for free and get exclusive access to a free 30-day trial – only for my community!

ConvertKit (Email Marketing)

I have used many different email marketing services over the years, but for a combination of functionality, pricing, service, and performance, ConvertKit wins out!

Learn more about ConvertKit’s unique and powerful features in this video of mine!

Fiverr (Virtual Services)

Stop trying to do everything yourself and instead find a virtual assistant that is skilled on a specific task that can help you get your digital marketing work done faster, cheaper, and ultimately better. I use Fiverr for a number of tasks, such as ebook development, email marketing segment creation, podcast editing, YouTube video editing … and the list goes on and on! If you need some help on how to best use Fiverr, join my Digital First Membership Community!

Frase (Content SEO)

I don’t create a blog post or revise one without using Frase to optimize my content for SEO based on its AI-infused algorithms. Now they have added automatic content generation using AI. If you are only using Yoast for SEO, you are still in kindergarten ;-)

Click here for a free trial AND 25% off discount for the first 3 months – only for my community!

Fusebox (Podcast Player)

If you have your own podcast, you might be using the default podcast player that your podcast host provides you. I was the same, but I found that either I had to manually add code with each instance OR their WordPress plugin sucked. Enter Fusebox: They have 100% support for Gutenberg which saves me time plus a TON of customizing functionality. Check out my podcast page for a preview!

HeySummit (Virtual Summit Host)

If you’ve ever thought about doing a webinar, why not take it one step further and host your own virtual summit where you can invite speakers from your customers, partners, employees, or influencers to participate and help spread the word? Think it’s impossible to do yourself? Think again: HeySummit are the leaders in providing a technology platform that gives you all you need to host your own virtual summit. I have spoken on many virtual summits hosted with HeySummit and am currently planning my own – stay tuned!

Click here for a free trial AND 15% off lifetime – only for my community!

ImageSEO (SEO WordPress Plugin)

This is a cool WordPress plugin that will automagically update your file names and alternative text for all of your images using AI into something more search engine-friendly. If you want to get the most out of the images on your site from an SEO perspective, you need this plugin!

LinkWhisper (SEO WordPress Plugin)

Easily and quickly build internal links for SEO on your WordPress blog or website.

Click here and then use code neal15 for a 15$ discount – only for my community!

Quuu Promote (Content Marketing)

Looking to spread the word about your amazing blog content in social media? You’ll want to utilize Quuu to help encourage real social media users to share your content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Restream (Livestreaming App)

If you’re looking for a way to easily and intelligently livestream to multiple platforms – such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube – at once, then Restream is the tool. Equally compelling for beginners as well as having deep functionality to support experts who want to do more.

Click here to start for free and get a $10 credit for a future subscription – only for my community!

SEMrush (Search Engine Optimization Tool)

Free 7 day trial! SEMrush is truly the definitive tool for search engine optimization that I recommend to and use for all of my clients.

Click here for a free 14-day PRO trial – only for my community!

SocialBee (Social Media Automation)

A great tool for scheduling of social media posts with optional assistants (“bees”) that can help give you a helping hand in your social media marketing work should you need one.

Tailwind (Instagram and Pinterest Management)

The definitive social media scheduling tool for both Pinterest and more recently Instagram. Their Pinterest functionality is second to none, including unique features such as SmartLoops and Tribes.

Click here to start for free and get a $30 credit for a future subscription – only for my community!

VidIQ (YouTube SEO)

VidIQ is a powerful tool to help you build a YouTube SEO strategy as well as competitive insight to help you create and optimize your YouTube videos for optimized SEO.

WP Rocket (WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin)

If you have a WordPress site, WP Rocket is the must-have plugin for all of your caching and speed optimization needs. While you can use their free plugin, if you are serious about speed performance and its importance for search engine optimization, it goes without saying that the paid version is HIGHLY recommended.

Wyzant (Online Tutor)

Want to brush up on your Google Analytics or Facebook Ads? You could read a bunch of blog posts and watch YouTube videos on the one hand, or buy an expensive course on the other. OR you can spend an hour with an experienced professional who will answer your specific questions over a video conference call. My children use Wyzant to help them if they fall behind on school subjects, but after doing some searches, I realized that marketing professionals can also take advantage of the tutors on Wyzant, which I have. Sign up now through my link and get a $40 credit for your first lesson!

Other Digital and Social Media Marketing Tools I Use

These are other digital marketing tools that I might use on a project basis or do not regularly use but can still recommend their functionality from using them in the past. I also realize that not every tool meets every company’s needs, so if for whatever reason you don’t like what you see above, check these out:

PromoRepublic (Social Media Dashboard)

Create and store editable content for social media, schedule it with AI, run local ads, manage clients or locations, and stay on top of their results with this intelligent social media dashboard.

Click here to get an extended free 60-day trial – only for my community!

Teachable (Course Creation Platform)

Pixel Your Site (Facebook Ad Pixel Management)

Hashtag Fox (Instagram Hashtag Marketing)

Stencil (Image Creation)

Shoutcart (Infuencer Marketing)

Leadpages (Landing Page) (LinkedIn Automation)

Podcasting Tools

  • Rev (Podcast Audio Transcription)
  • Wavve (Podcast Animated Image Creation)

Social Media Dashboards

Twitter Marketing

InVideo (Video Creation)

Please also make sure that you check out write ups of various tools that serve as excellent sources of social media resources on my blog here:

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  9. Keyword Research Tools to Help Your Content Research and Brainstorming
  10. 5 Incredible Tools to Validate Your Content Ideas

Are there any digital marketing resources that you are looking for that aren’t included here? Please contact me to let me know!

Note: Some of the above companies have been kind to allow me free or discounted usage of their tool. Also, note that some of the links for these social media resources, when clicked and product purchased, help in providing funds to keep this website operating (in other words, some of the links are affiliate links). I would never list a company here if I did not both use and recommend them. Contact me if you have questions about this policy or want to know more about a specific tool!

These are the leading social media resources recommended by Neal Schaffer, including social media tools, ebooks, webinars, conferences and more.

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