the school of influence podcast with Amanda Russell and Neal Schaffer

History of The School of Influence Podcast

I had a chance to get to know influencer marketing professor and author of The Influencer Code Amanda Russell as she was preparing for the launch of her book.

Amanda is an influencer-turned-influencer marketing professor, who, like many other influencers, originally built her platform on YouTube and more recently Instagram. However, if you listened to my interview with Amanda on my own Maximize Your Social Influence podcast, you’ll know that she is A LOT more than that!

I asked her what would be her “platform” to try to reach readers for The Influencer Code, which she was targeting business leaders and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) for. I mentioned the potential for doing something on YouTube or a blog, but when I mentioned launching a podcast she wanted to know more about it.

I basically explained to her the same process I used when I launched our podcast, which I literally filmed a video for and published on YouTube:

I then offered to join her as a co-host, and BOOM! The School of Influence podcast was born!

What The School of Influence Podcast is All About

While my Maximize Your Social Influence podcast is primarily a 1/2 solo, 1/2 interview show focused on helping marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners grow their businesses in digital marketing through the lens of influence, The School of Influence takes a different approach and is currently 100% interview-focused.

We bring in successful leaders in business and other experts to interview understand why some people or brands command cult-like followings while others struggle to stay afloat. Why do some people rise to social media stardom, while others can’t get anywhere?

The answer: Influence.

But is it a genetic trait or something you can learn?

What is their influence derived from?

And what are the takeaways that we can implement in our business and/or personal branding?

We aim, through our podcast, to bring you the answers with concise, no nonsense interviews of top influencers across categories. We aim to ask the tough questions, to get the real, raw answers that you can put into practice TODAY.

No fluff, no BS, just the real story!

Who We Have Interviewed

Although we just started out, we have been able to interview some amazing people, including:

  • Former #1 World Tennis Player Andy Roddick
  • New York Times Best Selling Author Jesse Itzler
  • Lamborghini CMO Katia Bassi
  • and many more who I will add here as we publish their episodes!

While Maximize Your Social Influence is still open for applications to speak (you can apply here), we are not currently not accepting applications for The School of Influence as we work through our list of people that WE want to interview. Check back here often for updates should we begin to accept applications sometime in the future…

Below is a listing of our latest podcast episodes which you can listen right here on this page or through your favorite podcast app. You can also subscribe to hear all of my episodes on the following platforms:

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