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Free Ebooks

Looking for free resources to help your digital and social media marketing?​ Check out all of my free ebooks below!

The Age of Influence (Free Preview)

This is a preview of my best-selling and definitive book on influencer marketing, The Age of Influence.

Taking a rational, data-driven approach to influencer marketing, this book will help you:

  • redefine what exactly an influencer – and influencer marketing – really is,
  • the hidden powers that collaborating with influencers have,
  • and provides you an actual playbook for developing your own influencer program and measuring its ROI.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

Learn how to master LinkedIn – for free.

This comprehensive ebook, updated for 2022, will help you:

  • Learn the fastest and easiest way to optimize your LinkedIn profile for business today.
  • Understand the powerful but “hidden secret” of leveraging content for personal branding and engagement.
  • Utilize best practices to maintain professional relationships for Social Selling and Referral Marketing.
  • Leverage LinkedIn’s newest features for 2022.

The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing

Not sure how to measure the ROI on your email marketing?

One of my most comprehensive guides is here for you!

From building a list and segmenting it, all the way down to types of sequences – you’ve got everything in one guide.

Learn how to master email marketing – for free – in this definitive guide:

  • How to build your list
  • How to segment your list
  • The different types of email campaigns to consider
  • How to measure your email marketing ROI
  • Email marketing tools recommendations
  • and more!
Digital and Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Buyer's Guide Ebook Cover

Digital and Social Media Marketing Tools Buyer’s Guide

Download my free ebook to discover all of the digital and social media marketing tools I recommend!

I’ve tried to create a comprehensive list of the leading digital marketing tools focusing on those that I recommend through my own experience as well as those that either are well respected in the industry or have unique functionality that might fit your specific needs.

This ebook has 50 tools for you to choose from, so you are bound to find something new to try out!

The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, either accepting contributions for other bloggers or submitting our own guest blog posts to other websites, is a concept that I believe has been both misunderstood and undervalued.

Learn all you wanted to know about guest blogging and how it can impact not just your SEO, but provide benefits to your business above and beyond mere search engine optimization, in this free guide.

the definitive guide to guest blogging by neal schaffer free ebook

Recommended Tools

Below are my most recommended digital and social media marketing tools that I use and swear by. Some of these companies also offer special deals for my community, so if you’re looking for your next tool, look no further! Note that the links below are primarily affiliate in nature, which means I might get a small commission should you decide to purchase. However the price to you is the same, and the small commission amounts generated help me maintain this website and create more free content for you!

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Social Media Dashboard

A complete social media dashboard that I currently use as my main engagement and publishing dashboard.

Click here to receive a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up and upgrade to any paid plan. Gift cards are sent after your 2nd monthly payment.

Podcast Hosting

I used to host my podcast on the largest and most famous hosting site for many years, but because of the complexity of its user interface, I never felt that I had 100% control. That’s when I looked into other podcasting hosting services, tried out Buzzsprout, and haven’t looked back. Cheap, full-featured, and deep statistics at every price point make Buzzsprout an absolute no-brainer if you are looking for a podcast host.

Click here to try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days!

Graphic Design Tool

OK, who DOESN’T like and/or use Canva? It is the ultimate tool to help you easily create images for your website or social media. PLUS Canva Pro gives you access to cool features such as easy resizing, creating GIFs, access to 4+ million photo elements, and more! If you’re using Canva but haven’t tried out Pro, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Click here to get started for free for up to 300 subscribers!

Email Marketing Software

I have used many different email marketing services over the years, but for a combination of functionality, pricing, service, and performance, ConvertKit wins out! Every email that you receive from me comes through ConvertKit, and, in fact, every landing page, embedded form, and popup window that you see for my ebooks on this website is also powered by ConvertKit!

Learn more about ConvertKit’s unique and powerful features in this video of mine!

ConvertKit Review 13 Cool Features
Play Video about ConvertKit Review 13 Cool Features

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Digivizer is a simple yet eloquent marketing analytics dashboard that brings together all of your social, search, paid, and web performance insights in a single, easy-to-follow dashboard without leaving the platform. This allows you to both accurately measure marketing ROI and quickly make data-informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

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Outsourcing | Virtual Services

Stop trying to do everything yourself and instead find a virtual assistant that is skilled on a specific task that can help you get your digital marketing work done faster, cheaper, and ultimately better. I use Fiverr for a number of tasks, such as ebook development, email marketing segment creation, podcast editing, YouTube video editing … and the list goes on and on! If you need some help on how to best use Fiverr, join my Digital First Mastermind Community!

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Content SEO

I don’t create a blog post or revise one without using Frase to optimize my content for SEO based on its AI-infused algorithms. Now they have added automatic content generation using AI. If you are only using Yoast for SEO, you are still in kindergarten ;-)

Click here for a free trial AND 15% off lifetime – only for my community!

Virtual Summit Creation and Host

If you’ve ever thought about doing a webinar, why not take it one step further and host your own virtual summit where you can invite speakers from your customers, partners, employees, or influencers to participate and help spread the word? Think it’s impossible to do yourself? Think again: HeySummit are the leaders in providing a technology platform that gives you all you need to host your own virtual summit. I have spoken on many virtual summits hosted with HeySummit and am currently planning my own – stay tuned!

Click here for a free 14-day trial!

Landing Page Creation Tool

Leadpages is the definitive tool to create great looking and high-converting landing pages and even mini-websites with. While I currently use ConvertKit for my landing pages, when its functionality lacks or when my client doesn’t use ConvertKit, Leadpages is my trusted go-to solution that integrates with all of the leading email marketing software solutions.

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SEO WordPress Plugin for Internal Links

Easily and quickly build internal links for SEO on your WordPress blog or website.

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Search Engine Optimization Tool

Free 14-day PRO trial! SEMrush is truly the definitive tool for search engine optimization that I recommend to and use for all of my clients.

Learn how I use SEMrush for my entire SEO process in the video I made just for you below!

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Social Media Dashboard

While AgoraPulse (above) and SocialBee (below) are my main social media tools, a lot of my community members want options to be able to compare functionality and pricing with. For those of you who want to research additional social media tools, I would hands down recommend Sendible as a mature, robust, and full-featured solution to check out.

Click here to get 20% off for 3 months on any SocialBee plan AND 1-on-1 support to get started!

Social Media DASHBOARD

A great tool for scheduling of social media posts, with a plethora of import and integration options to make content curation for social media a breeze. SocialBee is also unique in that they offer you optional assistants (“bees”) that can help give you a helping hand in your social media marketing work should you need one.

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My hidden secret for efficiently managing my Twitter community. The definitive Twitter management app that has a host of functionality and deep filters to allow you to find, nurture, and grow your following regardless of where they are! Once you try SocialDog and after you see the discount you can receive, you’ll thank me later. You’re welcome.

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Social Media Dashboard

If you’ve come this far and are reading this, you’re still looking for even more options with your social media dashboard. If that is you – and I had to offer you one more social media dashboard option – it would be SocialPilot, another full-featured solution that you should try out to compare and contrast with the others. Since a social media dashboard is something that you will be using every workday, you will want to make sure you try out multiple options and find the best combination of features, price, and user interface that best fit your business lifestyle!

Click here to start for free and get a $30 credit for a future subscription – only for my community!

Instagram and Pinterest Management

The definitive social media scheduling tool for both Pinterest and more recently Instagram. Their Pinterest functionality is second to none, including unique features such as SmartLoops and Communities. Instagram functionality includes a built-in Instagram hashtag generator, “link in bio” tool. and more!

Looking for more advice?

Looking for an ebook on a subject that I haven’t written? Is there a specific type of tool that you are looking for but can’t find? Are you a marketing tool company that wants to partner up? Feel free to fill out the contact form below and get in touch!