Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn: An Unofficial, Step-by-Step Guide to Creating & Implementing Your LinkedIn Brand – Social Networking in a Web 2.0 World

Social media strategist Neal Schaffer’s Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn is the most comprehensive LinkedIn guide book on maximizing the potential for professional and personal networking through LinkedIn. It goes beyond the “business” genre to expand upon the world of social media marketing, branding, and today’s critical focus on career management. It clarifies the functionality of LinkedIn and how to “plug into the Windmill Network” to maximize our presence and leverage the potential to grow our networks to thousands of global connections.



Schaffer offers a unique view of all phases of social media and networking, providing a direct route to developing objectives and creating brands. This book’s focus on Windmill Networking and LinkedIn is vast: creating business, gaining subject matter expertise, finding a job, expanding a network, learning online social networking etiquette, and developing a branded profile. This book generates strategies, goals, and success. The book starts by reviewing your objectives for using LinkedIn as well as how your brand will be perceived online. What follows is a function-by-function review of how to maximize all that LinkedIn has to offer for those that truly wish to utilize the professional networking platform to promote their business, network with their peers, find a job, or simply tap themselves into the premiere network for business professionals. While appropriate for both beginners to LinkedIn as well as those who want to get to the next level of expertise, one thing is for certain: After reading this book, you will have no doubt as to what you can be doing on LinkedIn to help you reach your goals and achieve success.

Praise for the LinkedIn guide book Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn

A primer on the social network LinkedIn and an introduction to Windmill Networking. LinkedIn is a popular social networking site used mainly to establish professional connections and explore career opportunities and advancement. With 50 million users, it has far fewer members than other services like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter–but, as Schaffer notes, “LinkedIn is by far the biggest social networking site that caters to the professional demographic.” After returning from years working abroad in Asia, Schaffer … developed the concept of “Windmill Networking,” which involves building up networks of trusted connections, helping others out and reaping the rewards of these connections and favors. The book is a catalog of the basic and advanced functionalities of the LinkedIn network and an explication of–and recruitment tool for–the Windmill Networking technique. Schaffer’s exhaustive guidebook covers everything from self-branding and establishing connections to joining groups and updating one’s status. — Kirkus Discoveries

Honorable Mention, Best Non-Fiction Book of 2009 — 2009 DIY Book Festival

Silver Award, Best Business Reference Book of 2009 — 2009 Axiom Business Book Awards

Finalist, Best Career Book of 2009 —2009 ForeWord Book of the Year Awards