Leverage LinkedIn for Social Selling and B2B Social Media Marketing

Neal Schaffer helped revolutionize the way professionals utilize LinkedIn with his award-winning book Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn. He now does the same to enlighten companies how to develop business on LinkedIn with his LinkedIn for Business book Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing.

Thought Linkedin was just for job seekers? Think again. Linkedin is the most important destination for your sales and social media marketing efforts if your company is selling products and services to other businesses. When looking at Linkedin’s extensive functionality from a sales and marketing perspective as presented in this book, you’ll soon understand how you can create new business from your Linkedin activities.

After reading this book you’ll learn how to master the Linkedin platform to develop business, including how to:

  • Create a sales-oriented profile and connections policy to attract more leads
  • Become an industry thought leader by establishing your own community within the lucrative Linkedin demographic
  • Set up your Linkedin Companies Page to improve your reputation–and drive more traffic to your website
  • Optimize your Linkedin presence as part of your social media optimization efforts.
  • and much more.

This practical guide, supplemented by more than 15 case studies, will teach you and your employees everything you need to know on how to successfully develop leads and business on LinkedIn.

Praise for the LinkedIn for Business Book Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing

“The definitive guide for B2B sales & marketing professionals to generate real business on LinkedIn.”
Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of the social CRM platform Nimble

“Neal Schaffer is an important voice in the social business movement today. His deep understanding of how LinkedIn operates as a business tool is invaluable.”
Beverly Macy, CEO, Gravity Summit and coauthor of The Power of Realtime Social Media Marketing

“For the vast majority of sales & business development professionals out there, LinkedIn is a largely untapped resource… Neal Schaffer props up the ladder and hands you the bucket…. Read it, learn it, and start driving business through LinkedIn!”
Jason Falls, SocialMediaExplorer.com, coauthor of No Bullshit Social Media

“Neal Schaffer puts together a step-by-step way for any business of any size to attract and retain customers by leveraging LinkedIn. Leave out the guess work and grab this gem!”
Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute and coauthor of Get Content Get Customers

“Schaffer’s second book is a friendly, yet detailed, tutorial peppered with gems of insight into LinkedIn functionality and etiquette….everything managers and staffers need to start, plan and execute a sales and marketing strategy using LinkedIn.”
Kirkus Discoveries