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Karin Sebelin

Karin Sebelin is an expert on Personal Branding. Karin is an Author and Personal Branding Coach for Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT). Karin's vision is: “Teaching all people the right handling with trust! I wish that people encounter more trust in life!” Her career began in 2011 as freelance editor and copy editor for two companies, then she founded her own PR company, Presse-Service Karin Sebelin. Her success as "brand" began on the English business platform Ecademy with a press release. With international coachings she helps beginning entrepreneurs becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT). She has great communication skills, writes and talks in two languages, is very creative and is always interested in learning and collaborating for the topics trust and branding. Karin is the author of 4 books to the topics trust, personal branding and ethical entrepreneurship, available on She has just published her 4th book about THE NEXT REVOLUTION IN BRANDING - BECOMING A KEY PERSON OF TRUST (KPT). She lives in Friolzheim, Germany.